January 2023 Quarterly Announcement

January 19, 2023

$172,652.68 Raised in Oct-Nov-Dec image with beach ball

We hope everyone had a ball over the break. We're bouncing into 2023 with collective generosity. $172,652.68 was raised by our regular givers in the last 3 months of 2022.

Here's how that looks for our partner charities:

ADC Microfinance received $7,551.90

Bellyful received $11,088.59

Fair Food received $8,004.81

Garden to Table received $13,113.03

Inspiring Stories received $8,273.78

The Little Miracles Trust received $11,076.74

Mixit received $7,121.96

Ngā Rangatahi Toa received $17,015.89

Take My Hands received $9,450.19

UpsideDowns received $8,453.34

Our newest Partner Charities

Digital Future Aotearoa received $3,769.14

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren received $2,332.53

OutLine Aotearoa received $3,307.29

The Period Place received $3,094.89

Rare Disorders NZ received $2,315.38

WELLfed received $3,603.59

Our Alumni Charities

Kaibosh received $13,805.25

DCM received $17,404.06

SpinningTop received $8,314.01

Sustainable Coastlines received $13,556.31

Every dollar donated lands in our partner charities' bank accounts today. We don’t take a cut. That's how we roll. Our running costs are covered by the generous businesses and individuals below.

🟢Our Superhero sponsor FNZ

🟠Our Hero sponsors 1000minds, Klim Type Foundry, The Original Cocoa Traders, and Sam Newble from Tommy's Real Estate

🟡Our Future 70

Massive respect and gratitude to everyone in the Collective who gives a %. You’re helping charities that help the people and land of Aotearoa. You’re inspiring generosity in others too.

~ Pat, Ben, Sheridan, and the One Percent Collective Board of Trustees.

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