Take My Hands

Take My Hands connects those that have with those that have a need, by rehoming usable medical equipment from NZ to those working with people in need in the Asia Pacific region.


Over 300 givers have collectively raised $144,533.12 for Take My hands. That has helped transport around 115,626 kg of much-needed medical equipment to our Pacific island neighbours.

What we do

We work with hospitals and health providers collecting the usable medical equipment and resources they no longer need. We also work with organisations in the Pacific and Asia that work with people in need. They provide us with lists of what they need, and we match that with the equipment our hospitals and health providers give us. We then work with warehousing, transport and logistic partners utilising the spare capacity that exists in their business (as much as we can) to collate and transport that equipment to our recipient organisations in the Asia Pacific Region so that it can be used where it’s needed most.

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