100% of your regular donations go to the charities that you choose to support. Our operating expenses are covered by the corporates, foundations and generous humans below. All of the quarterly donation financials and annual reports are publicly available on our Donation Reports page, so you can see exactly what has been raised.

The Future 50.

Our Future 50 are the backbone of One Percent Collective. They're a group of 50 individuals and local businesses giving $20 a week to fund our core expenses. They're some of our most dedicated donors: their investment fuels our long term mission and our ability to scale as an organisation. They're also our 'brains trust' – 50 top quality brains and hearts who bring more than cash to the table. From time to time a spot opens up, so to put your noodle forward, email us here.


Superhero sponsor: PaySauce.

Thousands of Kiwi business owners and employees trust PaySauce to pay staff accurately and on time, and we trust the One Percent Collective to support outstanding causes in our communities. 

Kiwis are a generous bunch, and we’re in a unique position to make regular charitable giving easier than ever via payroll giving for staff using PaySauce. We couldn’t be happier to team up with One Percent Collective.


Real Steel.png

Superhero sponsor: Real Steel.

Real Steel is the preferred supplier to some of the most established and respected companies in New Zealand by providing stronger, tougher and lighter steel solutions. As a family owned business formed in 2002, they have been a major employer in Upper Hutt and approached us in mid-2018 to learn how they could support our generosity movement in Aotearoa. We're stoked to have them onboard with amazing Collective support!



Hero sponsor: The Original Cocoa Traders.

The Original Cocoa Traders were the very first to come on board as a corporate sponsor of One Percent Collective and we love 'em for it. Brewing up delicious chocky blends with Ghanaain cocoa and an organic fair-trade cane sugar alternative called coconut blossom sugar, they're a Melbourne-based company with very Kiwi roots.



Hero sponsor: Sam Newble of Tommy's.

Sam Newble is one of Tommy's top agents selling property across Wellington. As an original Founding 40 supporter of One Percent Collective, Sam has been with us since the start. We're over the moon to have Sam onboard as a Hero sponsor, supporting us in pushing our generosity movement in Wellington and beyond.



Hero sponsor: BizDojo.

BizDojo have been a generous supporter of ours for over three years now. For a small charity, being given the opportunity to work in such an inspiring workspace has been so incredibly valuable to us. Come do a trial day at BizDojo in Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch to see how awesome a work environment it is.



Hero sponsor: Klim Type Foundry.

The Klim Type Foundry (Klim) was founded in 2005 by type designer Kris Sowersby. Klim sells its typefaces directly through klim.co.nz and is based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have the pleasure of using Klim fonts throughout the design of our new Generosity Journal Issue  Four. 



Tech wizards: 1000minds.

1000minds have donated their developer Julian's time and talent to build a brand new integrated database system for us that works with the many cloud based apps we use. They're also the brains behind our interactive multi-charity signup form for donors, and our behind-the-scenes admin software for us not-so-technical folk to track and keep in touch with nearly 400 Collective members. They seriously live up to their model of making thousands of people work together better with software.


Our other supporters.

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or getting involved in another way?

Email pat@onepercentcollective.org to learn more.