Business Giving Time!

If you want to make giving a part of your business model but you’re not sure where to start, we can help with that. Hello. We’re One Percent Collective. We exist to inspire generosity and simplify regular business giving.
There are so many worthy causes, and businesses are sometimes asked to contribute. You can’t support them all but saying no is… awkward. At the same time, a new generation of customers and clients expect businesses to do more than just meet their needs. Some people contribute to social good by choosing where they spend and who they do business with. 

Making an impact on the world shouldn't be hard, however...


Choosing charities can be tricky.

To make that easier, we’ve partnered with 15 trusted Kiwi-based charities. Their financials, governance and effectiveness have been scrutinised by our Board of Trustees and are reviewed annually. The range of charities we’ve partnered with allows you to choose those whose missions align with your business or personal values.

Give to one, some, or all with one simple signup. That act of choosing is also an opportunity for engagement with your customers or clients. That’s good for relationship-building and loyalty. It could also differentiate you from your competitors and add a layer of good vibes to your brand.


Our profits change monthly.

Yep. We get it. That's why we make it simple to adjust your payments any time you need to. Most business givers set up an AP, which means you are in full control to raise or lower it any time you need.


Charities always ask me for more.

We hear ya! The charities we’ve partnered with know that we’ll NEVER tell you how much to give and NEVER ask you for more than you’re already giving. That’s a promise!


How do I know where the money goes?

Our Collective of nearly 700 donors have donated over $4.3 million dollars and our partner charities have received every cent! We don’t take a cut because our running costs are covered by a generous group of individuals and corporate sponsors. We’re BIG on transparency, so we’ve got you covered if you love a spreadsheet or annual report.

Don't just take our word for it.

“We are big fans of One Percent as they are a genuine bunch of good people who care about the charities they partner with, it’s more than just taking the money and passing it on. They walk the talk when it comes to their values, and seeing the everyday Kiwis impacted by the good work they do is inspiring.”

Succeed Legal

Giving monthly since 2015

“Being a nationwide collection of accommodation sites, our business gets frequent requests for charity donations (giveaway stays - prizes for auctions etc). Whilst we are happy from a financial perspective to donate to a variety of good causes, the administration time for us was becoming too onerous. Streamlining our charitable contribution into one easy monthly payment through One Percent Collective has saved us a lot of time – time that we need to run our business!”

Canopy Camping

Giving monthly since 2019

“Now more than ever we need to collectively address the inequalities in our society and the global challenges we face. Brightly gives through One Percent Collective because it is important to us that our contributions reach charities in need, are managed efficiently, and we have transparency and accountability. We love being part of a community building a better future.”


Giving monthly since 2018

“We wanted to start our business off on the right foot and pay it forward from day one. We selected One Percent Collective as our primary platform for making charitable donations because of the diverse panel of charities, the great job Pat and the team have done in selecting the charities and setting up the platform, and because we know that all the money will reach the individual charities. Thanks One Percent Collective, you’re awesome!”

Makao Investments

Giving monthly since 2019

Got questions? Read our business giving FAQs or reach out to us via email

You give 1%. We give 100%.

Every dollar you donate lands in our partner charities’ bank accounts. We won’t take a cut. That’s possible thanks to our Future 70 (70 people donating $20 weekly towards our operational costs) and our incredible business sponsors supporting us to create a more generous Aotearoa. Then there are Friends of the Collective – they’re donors who are happy for a % of their regular donations to go towards our admin costs. Most fundraising platforms in NZ have a compulsory fee of 5% to 10%. Friends of the Collective are free to choose a percentage that feels right to them and it’s entirely optional.
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us at to learn more.