Mixit uses creativity to support young people from former refugee backgrounds to help increase life skills, become stronger human beings, move forward and build their capacities to successfully integrate into our communities.


Over 200 givers have collectively raised $50,546.12 for Mixit. That has helped bring a diverse group of Auckland's young people from refugee, migrant and local backgrounds together every week to mix, create and express themselves.

What we do

Mixit uses the power of creativity, to increase core life skills, build self-esteem and confidence, improve communication skills and provide a place for positive socialisation – with a healthy combination of former refugee, migrant and local young people mixing it up together. Not to share sad stories of the past but to support young people to stand strong, to know they have a right for their voices to be heard and to feel like they belong. We use the art forms of dance, drama, music, spoken word poetry and more. Creativity involves teamwork, problem solving, having fun and helps break down barriers that divide. Transport is provided and along with the activities there’s always food, talk and unconditional, non-judgmental support.

We started providing free weekly creative workshops in 2006, engaging the countries leading artists and have been doing so ever since. Additionally we run an annual summer performance project. There’s a youth leadership programme because youth leading youth is undeniably powerful. Youth leaders are mentored to be part of workshop planning and logistics, co-facilitate the sessions and learn what commitment and responsibilities to support others actually means.

There’s a growing team of Alumni who continue to be part of all our programmes – working alongside guest artists, our project management and as trustees on the Mixit Board.

Wrapped around everything is mentoring and pastoral support for all levels of Mixers (participants) with school, tertiary options, employment choices, personal and family issues and their capacity to move forward and become strong new NZers.

Mixit is contributing to building a healthy, integrated society that better understands what living in a diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-faith community really takes.

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