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We've all got a subscription to something. For some people it might be music, movies or magazines. For others it's wine and cheese! Think of One Percent Collective like your subscription to doing good and feeling good about it. We’ve built a platform that makes regular giving easy. Put your positive impact on autopilot and let your 1% make a difference in Aotearoa and beyond.


Over 700 Collective donors have raised $3,120,737.30 for our partner charities – impacting thousands of lives in Aotearoa and beyond.

Choosing charities can be tricky. How can you know that the causes you support do the best they can with money you give them? We’ve partnered with 16 trusted Kiwi-based charities across a range of worthy causes. Their financials, governance and effectiveness have been scrutinised by our Board of Trustees. That's just one of the ways we make regular giving easy.

We also make it easy to choose the charities which resonate with you, or give to all 16 charities with one quick signup.

We suggest giving 1% of your income. For the average Kiwi, that's around $10 a week, but we NEVER tell you how much to give and we NEVER ask you for more than you’re already giving. We also make it easy to adjust your regular donation up or down when your circumstances change. You can even take a giving holiday if you need to.

One Percent Collective is regular giving made easy.

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100% Thanks to...

Passing on 100% of your donations is possible thanks to our Future 70 (70 people donating $20 weekly towards our operational costs) and our incredible Superhero and Hero business sponsors supporting us to create a more generous Aotearoa. Thank you!

Meet the team

We run a super lean 1% machine with a tiny part-time team. We rock things day to day with the equivalent hours of just one fulltime employee and a sprinkle of overtime.

Pat Shepherd

Founder & Chief Doer of Things

Pat was inspired to start One Percent Collective after 6 weeks volunteering on the Thai/Burma border with migrant and refugee children from Burma. He used his creative background in photography and design to bring the idea to life. Learn more about Pat’s story here.

Ben Woodward

Head of Comms & Community

Ben has been a communications and social media specialist since back in the MySpace days. He created the #WhyWellington hashtag and associated social media accounts after moving to New Zealand, from Australia, in 2014.

Sheridan Jamieson

Head of Operations

Sheridan is an operations specialist and a bit of a wiz with a spreadsheet. He’s developed his skillset through several years in financial services and, more recently, through running his own business. Sheridan jumped at the chance to join as our Head of Operations, seeing it as a perfect alignment with his passion for charity and impact-focussed businesses.

Maria Kerstens

Head of Growth

Maria loves understanding what makes people fired up. She came to the collective as Head of Growth to apply her passion for people and social change. She’s a marketing machine with a research and charitable background to help grow purposeful relationships with our partners.

Board of Trustees

Our voluntary board of trustees supporting us along the way.

James Bushell


Kate Tindall Lum


Richard Hayes


Angela Meyer


John (JR) Robson


Pat Shepherd


Our Financials

Donations to our partner charities are now over half a million annually. Our accounts are prepared by Deloitte and audited by Accounting for Charities. View all past annual reports below or view our charity info on charities.govt.nz.

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Support any number of our 16 partner charities and make an impact on the lives of thousands in Aotearoa and beyond. Joining takes less than 5 minutes.

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