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Hello. We’re One Percent Collective. Join hundreds of Kiwis regularly giving little amounts to causes they care about. We make it super-easy to donate to multiple trusted charities with one simple signup. Give as much as you like, as often as you like. It's like your subscription to Spotify or Netflix. Think of us as your positive change subscription.
Garden to Table
OutLine Aotearoa
The Little Miracles Trust
Fair Food
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Choose your charities

We’ve partnered with 15 trusted Kiwi-based charities. These are small to medium-sized charities doing amazing work, but without the brand recognition of many of the big charities you already know. Choose to support one, some, or all.

Set your regular 1% amount

Tell us how much you want to give and how often. Set up once through your online banking or via credit card, then we’ll do the rest. Anytime you want to raise or lower your amount, you can – you’re in full control!

See the impact of your 1%

We’ll make sure you know what your dollars are doing. The difference they're making, the lives they're changing, and the stories they're creating.

Why Give 1%?

We reckon giving 1% of your income is doable for many Kiwis. On an average wage it’s about $42 a month. You might not think such a small amount could make much of a difference but it all adds up. SInce 2012, our Collective has raised over $4.4 million for the charities we’ve partnered with.
We designed a giving experience based on feedback from friends. What we've learned means that we'll never hassle you for more money than you choose to give, we'll never phone you, never send envelopes in the mail, and never ambush you on the street. That's a rock solid promise!

I earn $50,000 a year

My 1% is $42 a month

As a New Zealand taxpayer, you can claim up to 33% of your donations back at the end of each financial year!

Don't just take our word for it

With over 700 Kiwis giving and over $4.4 million raised, we're pretty stoked to have created a regular giving experience that our donors love.

"One Percent Collective is a charity that makes giving feel good. Their tiny yet mighty crew help facilitate donations to amazing organisations across Aotearoa and beyond, and they've purposefully created this very clever business model which means that 100% of your donations get to the charities that need them. They're compassionate, smart and genuinely care about the power of everyone giving their little bit. Proud to be an OPC donor!"

- Jemma-

Giving monthly since 2015

"A fantastic way to organise my giving without any hassle"

- Andree -

Giving fortnightly since 2018

"Awesome NGO!! What a great way to donate/give/support causes and people that are making a difference to New Zealand. Great team of people who are passionate about making it easy for more people to donate/give generously to support others!"

- Michelle -

Giving monthly since 2017

"Appreciate this organisation and all that they do for the charities they support. It’s been great to have the option of donating to multiple charities with each monthly donation. The communication is amazing, the process is zero hassle, and they work hard to make sure that every dollar donated goes directly to charity. I’ve been donating with OnePercent for three years and imagine there will be many more years to come. Ngā mihi nui e hoa mā."

- Georgia -

Giving monthly since 2019

"One Percent Collective make it super easy to do a bit of good in the world. They also partner with Super Generous who sort your donation tax credit. Love your work!"

- Rachel -

Giving weekly since 2019

"One Percent Collective (OPC) are amazing. Founded on such strong principles of helping donors give to a charity where their $ will truly make the impact they want to see, OPC have not wavered in their mission and they have remained rock solid even through Covid times and immense economic challenges. Their communications are always on-point with nice touches of humour and with great messaging about how your donation is making a difference. OPC are a contemporary charity with an incredibly hard working team that deserve your support."

- Sue -

Giving fortnightly since 2020

You give 1%. We give 100%.

Every dollar you donate lands in our partner charities’ bank accounts. We won’t take a cut. That’s possible thanks to our Future 70 (70 people donating $20 weekly towards our operational costs) and our incredible business sponsors supporting us to create a more generous Aotearoa. Then there are Friends of the Collective – they’re donors who are happy for a % of their regular donations to go towards our admin costs. Most fundraising platforms in NZ have a compulsory fee of 5% to 10%. Friends of the Collective are free to choose a percentage that feels right to them and it’s entirely optional.
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us at to learn more.

Join the Collective with your 1%

Support any number of our 15 partner charities and make an impact on the lives of thousands in Aotearoa and beyond. Joining takes less than 5 minutes.