Friends of the Collective

Friends of the Collective are donors who have chosen to donate an optional percentage of their current donation towards our operational costs, so we can ensure the sustainability of One Percent Collective and continue to inspire and grow generosity here in Aotearoa.
It’s just a tweak to the distribution of what you already give. Most fundraising platforms in NZ have a compulsory fee of 5% to 10%. Friends of the Collective are free to choose a percentage that feels right to them. To join, just let us know a percentage that feels right for you here. Thanks, friend.

Why we’re introducing this option for donors...


We’ve been doing some soul searching.

Most of that search has been about keeping One Percent Collective sustainable into the future. Our current model isn’t broken but it does need to adapt to changes and funding challenges.

A sharp cost of living increase isn’t news. The cost of doing business has risen too. Some of our business sponsors who cover our running costs have paused their financial support of the Collective. Everyone is feeling it.

Current donations from existing donors like you aren’t a problem. We can keep those flowing to the charities in the Collective. But with more Kiwis reaching out to more charities there’s a greater need to grow the number of donors and charities in the Collective. That’s hard without reliable, sustainable funding.


A Promise is a Promise.

In fact we make two promises. 100% of your donations go to your chosen charities and we’ll never ask you for more money than you choose to give.

We think the Friends of the Collective idea allows us to keep both of those promises. Allocating a small portion of your regular giving to keep One Percent Collective sustainable and to help us inspire more generosity in Aotearoa is entirely optional for you and for any future donors who join the Collective.


Are you in?

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to learn more. So, will you be a Friend of the Collective? To join, just let us know a percentage that feels right for you here. We’ll take care of the rest.