Celebrating the VOICES of Young People

August 18, 2022

Participants and supporters celebrate the premiere of Mixit's 'Voices' film documenting the 2022 Voices programme.

“I used to be confident back in Afghanistan, but with recent experiences at home I lost that confidence. Mixit helps me to find it.” 

Earlier this year, a 45-minute performance was created from scratch in 11 days when our partner charity, Mixit, ran an immersive project involving 20 participants (Mixers), a production team, volunteers, and a creative leadership team of 5.

Guest artists were invited to lead a process of providing a platform for the voices of the Mixers to be heard – what they had to say and how they wanted to say it.

The Mixers explored ways to express their concerns and anxieties, where they find joy, and how they see their futures. This was achieved by building drama skills, playing physical and interactive games, and dancing together for 2 weeks!

At the end of the project, some loud and proud voices of Mixers were heard.

“I was very nervous when I first came and now, I’m not. This made my confidence go from down on the floor to up in the sky.”
“I don’t get the opportunity to talk and express what really matters to me, but I found that Mixit gives me that space.”

Mixit were aware of the uncertainties and impact that COVID could have on a public performance, so the whole creative process was captured in a short film called VOICES.

VOICES premiered alongside a historic film called TEN that showcases Mixit’s first ten years from 2006 to 2016. This was inspiring to all the current Mixers, helping them feel connected to all those who have gone before them.

The VOICES premiere event allowed everyone to relive the moments of electric connection between each other and was an amazing opportunity to share the celebrations with families, friends and supporters. 

Mixers were excited to see themselves on the big screen and feel the transformations they experienced from being a part of Mixit’s programmes and to see the gains they have made through belonging to the Mixit world. 

There is one part in TEN where a Mixer recognises Mixit as her second home. To see that resonate with so many youths with different languages, cultures, and stories is very powerful.

They all still feel the same.

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