Garden to Table builds life skills through practical, hands on classes. A comprehensive food education programme, children learn how to grow and cook fresh food while developing their environmental awareness. 


Why do you exist?

Many New Zealand children are disconnected from nature and their food supply. They do not recognise common vegetables and know little or nothing about where food comes from. Preparing and cooking food is an important skill that they don't have. The Garden to Table Trust wants children to learn those skills. We want to help build an awareness of an individual and collective responsibility for the environment. We encourage healthy eating and community connectedness through a practical, hands-on food education programme.


What do you do?

We support primary schools across the country, delivering a timetabled food education programme that integrates school curriculum. We focus on linking the food cycle – grow, harvest, prepare and share. We work closely with schools as they develop our programme. This is achieved by providing training and support for their garden and kitchen specialists by connecting them with local and national community supporters who can provide goods, services and time. We encourage connection with families through the sharing of recipes and volunteer opportunities. 


How can we help?

  • Financial help will support the Garden to Table Trust by allowing the development of resources. It will also provide support to Garden to Table schools and develop the programme further.

  • Encourage your local school to consider joining the Garden to Table programme.

  • Volunteer to help in the garden or kitchen at your local Garden to Table school.

  • Offer your service, skills or goods on a local, regional or national basis to Garden to Table schools.

  • Lobby your Member of Parliament to support the delivery of a practical food education programme across all NZ primary, intermediate and ECE schools.

  • Start to grow and cook fresh seasonal produce for yourself and your family.

Wanna support Garden to Table?