Fair Food is Auckland’s first food rescue charity, working to deliver its vision of “Addressing Hunger and Tackling Food Waste.” This dynamic West Auckland organisation has delivered on its strong environmental and social goals since 2012.

Why do you exist?

Fair Food facilitates the safe and timely distribution of nutritious surplus food throughout West Auckland. Using trusted partnerships with donors and community organisations, we provide access to fresh food for people in serious need.


What do you do?

Fair Food collects, sorts and boxes safe, surplus food from retailers and manufacturers across West Auckland. Our daily collections help more than 500 families each week by providing them with a regular source of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Over the past year, Fair Food has redistributed over 165,000 kgs of surplus food, saving around 33 million litres of water and 990,000 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since our establishment in 2012, Fair Food has delivered the following benefits to our West Auckland community:

  • 486,000 kgs of fresh fruit and vegetables rescued and redistributed

  • 1,458,495 meals delivered (at 50 cents per meal)

What are your current goals?

  • To increase our capacity and build on Fair Food’s proven food rescue model.

  • With a permanent storage and distribution space, we hope to open up donations to whoever can come to us, rather than the other way around. This way we can reach out to more isolated areas of our West Auckland community.

  • To establish a new volunteer programme and work experience to help sort and box food.

  • Fair Food is working towards an open source, ideas and information sharing organisation, building on our ideal “Feeding people not landfill.”

Want to support Fair Food?

You can support them with 1% of your income through One Percent Collective.