Bellyful provides free meals for families with newborn babies, and families with young children who are struggling with illness, particularly those without a support network.


Why do you exist?

We exist because we recognise that having a new baby is a big transition and is really, really hard work! Similarly, dealing with a serious or terminal illness in the family can also be an extremely stressful time for parents of young children.

Bellyful volunteers are there to provide some practical support in the form of cooked meals – for those families who wouldn’t have that support otherwise.

We currently support families in 18 Communities across NZ – from the North Shore in Auckland to Invercargill.


What do you do?

Bellyful provides practical support for tired and stressed families faced with a major life event (a newborn or serious illness).

Our volunteers (we have over 450 of them!) understand the power of a few meals goes far beyond the actual food – we give unconditional support and empowerment to families in a difficult time. They may be finding the adjustment very difficult, or perhaps even experiencing postnatal depression. They may be new to their community, or new to New Zealand. They may be geographically or emotionally disconnected from their friends or family and have little support around them.

There is no financial assessment involved. Bellyful’s service is based on more of an emotional need for support – our cooked meals are delivered to a family’s door at a time that suits them by a warm, friendly person. We believe that new parents don’t need another source of advice and our delivery volunteers are trained not to offer advice on babies/parenting styles etc, even if asked. We also believe that it’s more than okay to ask for and accept help – in fact it’s really brave!

Call 0508 BELLYFUL (from a landline) or go to to refer yourself, a friend, family or a client/patient.


How can we help?

  • Volunteer – if you have some time available, even a few hours each month, then we would love to hear from you (roles include cooking, delivering, fundraising, and coordinating)

  • Micro-volunteer – offer us your expert technical skills towards a local or national initiative

  • Provide some home baking to your local branch to go out to families with our meals

  • Support Bellyful fundraising events such as movie nights, bake sales etc


Current goals:

Our vision is ‘A Bellyful branch in reach of every NZ family that needs us’. Our three year strategy aims to grow our reach and impact, while maintaining our quality and consistency. We are in an exciting period of development and we aim to grow our reach from 18 to 27 communities over the next three years.

Wanna support Bellyful?