Our Collective Values

We want your experience as a giver to be rewarding and meaningful. The committed team behind the scenes at One Percent Collective and all our partner charities hold ourselves accountable to the following values to ensure we make that happen for you.

Being open is all about trust and transparency. That means sharing our financials, our donation reports, and always meeting the NZ Government’s External Reporting Board charity reporting standards. Our accounts are kept in check by Deloitte every 12 months and we regularly review each of our partner charities to ensure they continue to meet our criteria, values and commitments.

We automate the money side of collecting and distributing your donations as much as possible. That helps towards running One Percent Collective with a tiny team on minimal funding. But when you get any communication from us, it’s from a human and we put humans at the centre of everything we do. That means being respectful and understanding at all times when interacting with each other, our partner charities and, of course, you!

Sharing stories connects us. Real stories – not marketing guff! Inspiration, not guilt. The wins and the losses. Our partner charities want you to see the impact your 1% is having so we regularly share their stories and updates with you via email and social media.