Our Collective community believes in making the giving experience awesome while also having the biggest impact. Both One Percent Collective and our partner charities aspire to the following Collective values in order to make this all a reality.



Being open is all about trust and transparency. That means sharing our financials, our donation reports, and always meeting the XRB charity reporting standards. We pass on 100% of all donations to your chosen charities, our accounts are kept in check by Deloitte and every 12 months and we perform a review on each of our partner charities to ensure they are meeting our criteria, values and commitments. 


We're all just human. Our partner charities each hold regular events where you can have a cuppa' tea and a yarn with the people running things, meet the community and see what gets done with your 1% for yourself. These events vary with each charity, from volunteering events to music and storytelling events and more. 


Stories are the bomb. Real stories, not the marketing gumf... Inspiration not guilt. The wins and the losses. Our partner charities want you to see the impact your 1% is having so we share their regular stories and updates via The Generosity Journal, social media and email.

Any questions? Please let us know here