The UpsideDowns Education Trust helps kids with Down syndrome learn to talk, read and write by funding speech language therapy. We create empowered, communicative kids.


Why do you exist?

We ultimately exist with one goal only – to give a voice to children with Down syndrome.

The cost of speech language therapy can be a massive struggle for many families, yet it is so vitally important and can mean the difference between a child participating fully in their families, schools and communities, or feeling isolated and frustrated.

The need is just huge. We have children on our waitlist now who urgently require this ongoing intervention to support them in their journey through childhood and further on to adulthood. No other organisation in New Zealand is focused solely on funding specialist speech language therapy for these children, and nor is it Government-funded, yet this intervention has such a tangible impact on their ability to thrive.


What do you do?

We help fund speech language therapy for kids with Down syndrome all over New Zealand. We know that with the right support and tools, children with Down syndrome can learn to talk, read and write.

We support families to access the special education services they need to get the most out of their children and enable them to reach their potential. With these skills, our kids attend mainstream school, make friends, and later in life, live independently and gain employment. Without this therapy, children can struggle to integrate in their schools and communities, and frustrations will arise.


How can we help?

Our parent-led charity would love to help every child with Down syndrome in New Zealand, although we are currently serving just over 100. With your support, we can deliver speech language therapy funding to more children who urgently need it. Today, we can make a real difference to many lives.

Together we can ensure every child with Down syndrome gets the best possible start to life. These children can attend mainstream education, make friends, and participate fully in their communities.

Please help us give a voice to kids with Down syndrome.

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