Take My Hands connects those that have with those that have a need, by rehoming usable medical equipment from NZ to those working with people in need in the Asia Pacific region.

Why do you exist?

We exist because each year the equivalent of nearly 600,000kg of usable medical equipment ends up in landfills across our country. At the same time we are dumping it, people in the Asia Pacific region are dying or becoming sicker because of a major lack of resource and equipment.


What do you do?

We work with hospitals and health providers collecting the usable medical equipment and resources they no longer need. We also work with organisations in the Pacific and Asia that work with people in need. They provide us with lists of what they need, and we match that with the equipment our hospitals and health providers give us. We then work with warehousing, transport and logistic partners utilising the spare capacity that exists in their business (as much as we can) to collate and transport that equipment to our recipient organisations in the Asia Pacific Region so that it can be used where it’s needed most.


How can we help?

We are a tiny organisation tackling two massive problems. We know the health and wellbeing of our closest neighbours in the Asia Pacific region is in crisis because they lack equipment and resources, and we know that we have only just tapped the supply of useable equipment that can really make a difference to that crisis.

So far we’ve been able to send over 25,000kg of equipment to help over 2000 people in 5 different countries. We’ve done that with a team of volunteers and less than $20,000. We’re pretty good at leveraging what we have to work with to create some impressive outcomes, and we know we can make the absolute best of every cent and every minute of support we get. Your support of Take My Hands really will have a massive impact.

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Want to support Take My Hands?

You can support them with 1% of your income through One Percent Collective.