Containers, Community, and Kai

December 5, 2023

A WELLfed container gardening workshop participant plants seedlings in a container.

WELLfed’s mission is to nourish communities through food and connections. Their Pororua headquarters and garden is a place for growth, and there are learning opportunities for everyone. Events like their recent Container Gardening workshop offer a chance for WELLfed learners and the wider community to come together for a hands-on experience – and those hands get dirty!

More than 20 people signed up for a sunny afternoon of planting and learning.The workshop began with a discussion about what edible plants need to thrive, what works well in containers and how to plant for a continuous harvest. Everyone got stuck into filling their containers with rich soil and planting out a variety of seeds, seedlings and cuttings. The productive afternoon finished with tips on how to water and feed the containers, how and when to harvest, and what to plant next.

Getting their hands into the soil and caring for plants connects people with Papatunuku – the land. It’s a very simple way for many people to find joy and relaxation every day, which is something that wasn’t accessible for some participants before this workshop. This workshop was extra special because they also took home the container they had planted to tend, nurture and grow at home.

Community learners in the WELLfed garden.

The positive benefits of growing and using kai and flavours grown at home are immense. The ultra-fresh kai and ingredients are otherwise unaffordable for many, especially for those who are also participating in the WELLfed cooking programme. 

Participants have shared photos of the growth of their containers. The growing bounty they will have available to eat to help feed their families is impressive. One participant also reports, “I have been so inspired I have got a bigger vege patch started” and another says “Nothing can stop me getting in the garden on a nice day”.

Follow-up photos from workshop participants.

Participants report that they always leave WELLfed workshops brimming with new skills, ideas and enthusiasm. If you live in the Wellington region, keep an eye on WELLfed's Facebook Events page for upcoming garden workshops.

Head Gardener and workshop facilitator Jess is very happy with the outcomes of this workshop, stating “We are so excited to see people motivated to grow kai and share their gardening knowledge so more people can feed their whānau and experience the flavour, financial, confidence and sustainability benefits for themselves. Ka pai everyone”.

Words and images supplied by WELLfed.

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