SpinningTop gives balance to vulnerable children living in poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression, natural disaster and other circumstances beyond their control.

Why do you exist?

We exist to bring some balance to the lives of extremely vulnerable children. Just like a spinning top we work to achieve some equilibrium in the world, where currently a lot of people have a lot but many more are suffering.

We work in places where there is no social welfare net, where children and their families are living as refugees, have been displaced in their own country or where children have been orphaned or abandoned.


What do you do?

Since 2006 we have been working with trusted partners in Asia and the Pacific to deliver aid and opportunity to children in our four priority areas of Shelter, Nutrition, Education and Play. Our projects are delivered by locals who have proven their commitment and effectiveness in improving conditions for vulnerable children. As well as fundraising, we work with these partners on self-sufficiency, look at sustainable ways of working and help reduce reliance on international aid.

The majority of our current projects are in Burma and on the Thai border providing aid to children who have fled Burma. With the country opening up after the 2015 elections, a big need is rebuilding inside Burma – while also protecting and educating children from opportunistic exploitation and trafficking along the border. We provide nutritious food for orphaned, unaccompanied and abandoned children, we give the children an opportunity to express themselves creatively, and we support schools rebuilding themselves after the devastation of war among other projects.  


How can we help?

A lot can be achieved in South East Asia with the $5 note that you might hand over for a double-shot caramel latte. That amount helps us provide nutritious meals for a whole week or a year’s school stationery to a child. Such a small amount for us and such a massive impact for that child. You can feel good knowing you are helping share the wealth and bringing some balance to this unequal world. And it's working. Check out our website to be inspired by current project stories.


Some current projects are:

  • Providing aid to migrant children from Burma who have been displaced by military action.

  • Supporting the sustainability of TMK migrant learning centre (700+ children) in Pophra, Thailand.

  • Extending the KickStartART programme into more disadvantaged migrant schools.

  • Supporting the sustainability of at least three village schools inside Burma.

  • Setting up an Alternative Education Centre in Myawaddy, Burma, with the fabulous Stay In School team, where children who are exposed to exploitation, trafficking and dangerous work are given options to continue learning despite being outside the school system.

Stories from SpinningTop.

Want to support SpinningTop?

You can support them with 1% of your income through One Percent Collective.