Kaibosh Food Rescue is a Wellington Region based charity that collects quality surplus food and provides it to community groups that support people in need.

Why do you exist?

Kaibosh is working hard towards our vision of Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste.

Our mission is to be the link between the food industry and those that support people in need. We want to see a world where no one goes without fresh, healthy food – especially while so much of it is being needlessly thrown away.

Food rescue is good for our community and good for our environment. Every kilogram of food we rescue means we can feed people in our community while also cutting down carbon emissions.


What do you do?

At Kaibosh we take a practical and common-sense approach to rescuing and providing food. We have a small team of staff, with much of our day-to-day work being undertaken by a group of over 225 regular, dedicated volunteers who sort, weigh and pack rescued food.

Food is collected on several daily runs across the Wellington Region in the Kaibosh chiller trucks. This food is then brought back to our Wellington City and Lower Hutt branches where it is sorted, checked for quality, weighed, and allocated to community groups as per their requirements.

Careful record keeping means we can report on weights and types of food rescued, fairly provide the food to community groups according to what they need, and make sure that the majority of the food we’re working with is healthy and nutritious.

Any food that’s no longer good for use is either donated to an animal sanctuary or composted. Food for community groups is stored overnight in our commercial fridges and freezer, in line with applicable food safety regulations, and collected the following morning by a representative of each community group.

We’re currently rescuing and providing up to 30 tonnes of food each month which, based upon a 350 gram per meal metric, equals around 71,000 meals to those in our community who need it most. It also cuts down carbon emissions by over 20 tonnes each month.

How can we help?

There are a number of ways that you can help Kaibosh Food Rescue.

Financial support is invaluable to us. For each $20 that we receive in donations, we can rescue and provide 10kg of food. That’s the equivalent of 28 healthy meals provided for people who may otherwise go without.

Kaibosh’s volunteer team is at the heart of our work – they’re the engine that keeps Kaibosh moving and without their help, there’d be no Kaibosh! We’d love to have you involved if you can share some time to help.

Spread the word. Tell people about Kaibosh and what we’re doing. Support the businesses who support us, and tell them why!


Our goals:

  • To grow the volumes of food that we’re rescuing and providing through close collaboration with the food industry and the community sector.

  • To strengthen and further expand our work across the Greater Wellington region

  • To develop nationwide awareness of food rescue programmes and food waste minimisation efforts

  •  To support similar food rescue organisations that are working hard to make a difference in the social justice and environmental sectors



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Wanna support Kaibosh?

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