DCM works with people in Wellington who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Over the past decade they have supported hundreds of people to become housed and sustain housing.

Why do you exist?

We exist because Wellington needs us. Homelessness is increasing in our city. Last year 969 people came to DCM for support. Over the last five years the number of people coming to DCM who are experiencing homelessness has risen by 35 percent. Even more concerning, the number of people we are working with who are sleeping rough or living in cars has doubled – from 100 people per year to more than 200. We call the people we work with taumai, meaning to settle. This reflects the journey we embark on together to become settled, stable and well.


What do you do?

DCM offers taumai the opportunity to engage with skilled staff, receive assistance to identify their needs and the support they require to achieve wellbeing.

Our number one priority is ending homelessness. We work with people to get them off the streets or move them from unstable living arrangements. We help them find their own place and stay there.

We support this by offering practical help with banking, budgeting, addressing debt and accessing correct benefit entitlements. We provide a foodbank that endeavours to identify and address the underlying reasons for an individual’s shortage of food.

As the people who come to us are often unwell, struggling with addictions, mental illness and the chronic ill-health which comes with poverty and homelessness, we provide an on-site health clinic at the unique hub we have created in our building in Lukes Lane. We call our hub Te Korowai Nui o Te Whānau (“the large cloak that envelops the family”). Te Korowai also includes the DCM Dental Service, a partnership with Wellington dentists to address one of the most significant unmet needs of taumai. Upstairs at Te Korowai, we provide a safe space and opportunities for people to participate in constructive activities including a cultural connections programme, music sessions and a computer hub. We call this space Te Hāpai, meaning to lift up.


How can we help?

We are a small organisation, but we are working on some of the biggest problems facing Wellington city. Your support will enable us to keep working on achieving the best outcomes for the increasing number of people who walk through our doors.

At a time when we have more and more people coming through our doors and have expanded our services, all despite no increase in funding, your support and enthusiasm is more important than ever.

Wanna support DCM?