We want to work with charities who meet our partnership criteria, believe in our collective values, and can meet our charity commitments.

Partnership criteria

The Collective is made up of charities from the following key areas to ensure we cater to donors from all walks of life: Health & Wellbeing, Arts & Culture, Environment & Nature, Youth Development, Community Development, International Development. Our partner charities from each of these key areas all meet the following criteria:

Management and Governance

  •  One Percent Collective partners with small to medium sized NZ-based charities. Preference will be given to charities with an annual expenditure below $500,000.
  • Annual expenditure should not outweigh annual income.
  • Total paid staff of less than 10 FTE.
  • Registered Charity status.
  • Prudent financial management.
  • Can demonstrate evidence of good governance.
  • Will not accept any charities whose management have criminal convictions relating to fraud or dishonesty.
  • Other suitable forms of funding secured or in the process of being secured.
  • Charities must be able to provide evidence of regular financial reporting on request.

People and Motivations 

  • Demonstrates integrity and transparency.
  • Please note that we do not fund the promotion of religious or political beliefs, and rarely fund the promotion of a message rather than a service.

Evidence of Success

  • Proven ability to set and meet specific objectives.
  • Examples of successes already achieved.
  • Demonstrates a solid model of change (i.e. What opportunities do you want to create for, changes do you want to make in, and benefits do you bring to, the community?)

Creativity & Collaboration

  • Willingness to collaborate and explore creative opportunities with other charities (whether or not the others are in partnership with One Percent Collective) if the opportunity arises.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work creatively and be aligned with the ethos of One Percent Collective.
  • Ability to engage and grab attention of donors.
  •  Regular activities and or events relating to the charity: these could be fundraisers or awareness activities (activities that can attract and engage new donors to the charity’s cause)
  • Opportunities for One Percent Members to actively be involved as volunteers where possible.
  • The ability to promote One Percent Collective partnership using our logo or link on an appropriate page your website.
  • Commitment to strive to One Percent Collective’s values; be open, be human and be real.

Charity commitments.

We and our partner charities aspire to the Collective Values; be open, be human and be real. More info on this here. Over the course of a 12 month period, partner charities must meet the following commitments.

Provide quarterly stories

These are to share the real impact your work is having in the world. Charities must meet quarterly calendar deadlines. More info on what these look like here.

Run 2 Collective events

These are simple events where donors and supporters have the opportunity to connect with you and your cause. More on what these look like here.

Attend Collective gathering

Our annual gathering for partner charities will take place in WGTN each May with peer to peer support and expert speakers. Exact May 2017 date TBC.

Partnership duration

Charity partnerships will be reviewed every 12 months by our board of trustees to ensure partner charities continue to align with our criteria, our Collective values and our commitments. We will discuss what goals they would like to focus on during the next 12 months should the partnership be renewed, and how we can best support each other to meet these goals. At this time, our board of trustees will review organisational space to take on any new partner charities, and open up applications to fill the open slot(s).

>> 2016/17 applications closed on 7th Oct 2016 <<

One Percent Collective reserves the right to amend the charity criteria at any time without prior warning. All updates will not have negative implications on current charities, will be communicated directly to current charities and will appear online. One Percent Collective reserves the right to make exceptions where charities may not meet one or more of the criteria outlined where One Percent Collective have deemed the explanation provided by the charity fair.