Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines enables people to look after the places we love, by coordinating and supporting large-scale coastal clean-up and waterway restoration events, education programmes and public awareness campaigns.


Over 400 givers have collectively raised $264,645.48 for Sustainable Coastlines. That equates to around 26,465 native trees planted alongside waterways on prepared sites with engaged locals across Aotearoa New Zealand.

What we do

Since 2008 we've motivated more than 124,577 volunteers to remove more than 1,632,656 litres of rubbish from Aotearoa’s coastlines and planted more than 229,103 trees to restore our waterways.

We raise large-scale awareness about the importance of litter prevention and freshwater restoration through our educational presentation, which we have delivered to over 234,011 school students and community groups.

We reinforce this education with practical beach clean-ups and waterway restoration activities.

We spread our message to the masses through our active social media networks, public awareness campaigns and The Flagship, our purpose built education centre in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.

We offer free Ambassador training for anyone who wants to get involved, so we can spread our activities and messages as far and wide as possible.

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