SpinningTop gives balance to vulnerable children living in poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression, natural disaster and other circumstances beyond their control.

Image of child on the Thai and Burma border, with donated educational supplies


One Percent Collective givers collectively raised $279,425.39 for SpinningTop from 2013 to 2023. That amount of money went a long way on the Thai/Myanmar border where SpinningTop's work provided a little more balance in the lives of vulnerable children.

What We Do.

SpinningTop's Legacy: From 2006 to 2024, SpinningTop worked with trusted partners in Asia and the Pacific delivering aid and opportunity to children in four priority areas of Shelter, Nutrition, Education and Play. SpinningTop's projects were delivered by locals who had proven their commitment and effectiveness in improving conditions for vulnerable children. As well as fundraising, SpinningTop worked with these partners on self-sufficiency, sustainable ways of working and helped toreduce reliance on international aid.

The majority of SpinningTop's projects were in Burma and on the Thai border providing aid to children who had fled Burma. With the country opening up after the 2015 elections, a big need was, and remains, rebuilding inside Burma – while also protecting and educating children from opportunistic exploitation and trafficking along the border. SpinningTop provided nutritious food for orphaned, unaccompanied and abandoned children, and gave the children an opportunity to express themselves creatively, and  supported schools rebuilding themselves after the devastation of war among other projects.

SpinningTop has finished up their charity work. We are proud to have supported them for 10 years. While it’s sad that the work of SpinningTop has come to a close, knowing the huge difference it has made to the lives of thousands of children on the Thai/Burma border brings a smile to our face 😃

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