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Well, music can say things that there are no words for, and instantly shortcut people to their rawest feelings.
— Devin Abrams of Shapeshifter & Pacific Heights
I make music for one simple reason: I care about people and the planet. You can’t see it, touch it, taste it or smell it, but molecules of air vibrating against ear drums can move hearts the world over, build bridges where there were once divides and break down the walls that separate us from each other
— Michael Franti of Michael Franti and Spearhead
Music creates a sense of belonging, and I’m happy to give (time, money...) when I feel I belong.
— Jacky Laverty
Music has the ability to transcend culture, age, race, language & is the most powerful form of communication. With music you can move, heal, connect & empower complete strangers to do incredible things with their lives.
— Tiki Taane
The greatest thing about music is that it brings people together. We are all starting to realise that the more we work together and understand each other’s needs and wants, the better and more effective our chance is of truly making a difference that works for everyone.
— Jamie McDell
Music reminds me of people I’ve loved, the places I’ve been and the joy of being alive. It’s the best kind of therapy.
— Laura Ichim
Chicago’s Wilco are a super generous band. They’ve done a lot for charities like Farm Aid, and they’ve basically given their Soild Sound festival to a town called North Adams. It’s transformed the local economy, rebuilt local pride, and put the town on the map.
— Mark Easterbrook
Boston band Dispatch holds pre-concert working bees with fans (for free) doing community projects!
— Paul Ford
Listening to music makes me feel wonderful things, and keeps me in touch with my emotional and spiritual side as a person. It also gives me a burning desire to create those wonderful feelings in other people too
— Thomas Oliver
Music is that one friend that always knows the exact thing to say when you need it, has the ability to comfort you when you didn’t even know you needed comforting, and inspires you to be the best possible version of yourself.
— Hannah Clink

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