Each and every year, across every corner of the earth, music brings millions of people together and inspires the sh** out of us. We want to tap into that magic for good. That's why we're asking you to join thousands in the conversation and answer our two simple Q's. Together, we'll crowdsource the next issue of The Generosity Journal and merge our worlds of music and generosity. We got the conversation started on April 27th with Warren Maxwell and friends at the Biz Dojo in Wellington!


"Music is one of those strange things that we don't really understand why we need it, but we do. For me it captures ALL of what it is to be human."
~ Warren Maxwell of Trinity Roots


What's the Generosity Journal?

Here at One Percent Collective, we produce a wee journal that we're a little bit proud of. The Generosity Journal is a freely distributed print and online publication, created with the incredible support of Goodfolk and a host of generous contributors. The publication features inspiration and interviews from the worlds of business, charity, social enterprise and the arts. For Issue Three, we're asking #WhyMusic?

We need you. We want to learn what it is about music that moves you, and what good you've seen or believe music can do in the world, so we can take those learnings into the charitable sector here in NZ. You'll join thousands of mighty fine people such as Devin Abrams, Michael Franti, Tiki Taane, Jamie McDell and The Black Seeds as a contributor and play a part in pushing the generosity movement in NZ. We'll be sure to send you the finished publication to enjoy when it's released!

Words can't express how grateful we are to all the contributors, supporters and sponsors who together have helped bring The Generosity Journal to life. Their generosity inspires us each and every day, thank you!