Photo/Video  •  Writing  •  UX/Web  •  Marketing/PR  •  Events  •  Illustration/Design

Wanna share your talents with the charitable sector here in Aotearoa? We've got a number of key skills needed to help us push the generosity movement. Check out the list below or email us if you have another talent to share!


Our partner charities are often in need of talented photographers and videographers to help them share their story. We're always keen for talented video people, and we're currently short of skilled photo volunteers in Auckland at the minute. We're also keen to hear from skilled photo people from across the other regions who are keen to be on hand in case a story in their neighbourhood crops up.


For us, it's all about sharing real human stories on the impact our partner charities are having with the Collective's dollars, like these ones here and here. We need experienced writers to help our charities shape up stories for online and for our Generosity Journal, are you a talented writer?


Let's face it, we know that a good website is key nowadays to get your message out to the world. Many of our partner charities lack expert devs or UX designers on their team and they often have some questions or need a few hours of support now and then to solve a problem. Can you spare a few hours?


From social media and SEO to traditional print media, there are a huge number of ways we can spread the 1% giving ethos. One Percent Collective and our partner charities are always looking for ways to share the work we are doing if you are keen to help us spread the word?


Twice a year, each of our partner charities invite their Collective supporters to meet the humans running things and see how it all works. These events take many shapes and often the charities need a few hands on deck to help with planning and event management. Would you like to help out at one of our partner charities' events?


We love great design and beautiful illustrations! We've been lucky enough to have amazing support over the years and we'd love to keep this beautiful visual goodness flowing. Are you keen to get the pencil or the tablet out to help us and our partner charities create more visual goodies?

Prefer to get involved with cold hard digital cash?