One Percent Collective

How to launch a publication

A wee bit of an overview as to how The Generosity Journal came to life. In the words of the editor, Pat Shepherd.

Step One – Just start!

In 2005 I had finished studying graphic design and needed a way to get all my music photography out to the world. All the NZ music mags were based in Auckland and I didn't know many people there, so I decided to just create my own mag called Exposure Lifestyles. I gave it away for free, thus creating my own wee media world as a result of an end of year assignment. We created seven issues in the end and interview a variety of people from Shihad to Keisha Castle-Hughes, to Taika Waititi. Taiki even designed the cover art for issue four. This mag taught me the important rule of just starting something!


Step Two – Pick a publication title

I was sitting in the sun with my friend Guy Ryan and yarning about how I had always wanted a publication to be part of One Percent Collective, in order to take our generosity movement into people's hands, not just having stories online. A beer in the sun worked a treat and the idea of The Generosity Journal was born.


Step Three – Find some designers

Through my experience with the design of Exposure Lifestyles and NZ Skier, I knew that it was going to be a challenging role and I wanted to concentrate on content and ideas, leaving the visual delights to someone else. Timing was on my side, the talented creative agency Goodfolk in Auckland, approached us and said they love what we are about and could they help. Amazing, our talented design team was now all set to begin!


Step Four – Gather the troops

I was lucky enough to have a coffee with Rebekah White who has incredible experience in the publishing world, she loved what we were planning and offered her skills as sub-editor. I then bumped into my friend Gina Kiel in a shop in Wellington. "Gina, how would you feel about creating an amazing cover for our first issue?", luckily she said yes and what an insanely amazing cover she created!

Step Five – Plan the content and get going

Rebekah, myself and the One Percent Collective crew got to work on content ideas and started pulling it all together with incredible help from a variety of fine contributors, including Dai Henwood, Gareth Moon, Natasha Vermeulen, Nick Bollinger and more. Realistically I'd say it took us maybe 6 months to put this issue together, which of course is longer than planned, but hey, good things take time!


Step Six – Printing and paper stock

I'm lucky enough to have worked with Lithoprint in Wellington for printing since 2006. They worked with us closely on getting our plans correct as this was no simple job. They kindly introduced us to BJ Ball who offered us discount on the paper stock used. All stock is of course FSC Approved stock, meaning it's from a sustainable source and we have to say, this cover stock is the nicest we have ever felt!

Step Seven – Proofing and final spreads

Once all the challenging design had been finalised by the wonderful crew at Goodfolk, it was then time for Rebekah to run her eyes over to make sure everything is in order and that there isn't a word out of place. For issue one she ended up proofing on a plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on her return from an overseas trip, yeah we like to roll in awesome last minute styles ;)


Step Eight – Sponsors and distribution

In order to bring a physical print publication to life costs money of course. Rather than selling ad space we instead chose to go for a sponsorship model with six sponsors ideally helping to cover our costs. We got close, so we are more than happy to hear from you for issue two support if you are interested!

These generous sponsors took a risk on supporting a new venture and we owe them a huge thank you. The distribution of the 5,000 publications has been done through targeted shops, cafes and businesses and of course through our sponsors' business location. Seeing people sitting around reading the mag is when all the hard work has paid off and it's time to share the love.

We hope you enjoy the publication, online and offline if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of the 5,000 copies. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, stay awesome. PAT