We Love Trees

It’s not often you get to do something as small as sign up to a newsletter and by doing so, you bring a tree into the world. A click of a button and a tree gets planted. That’s just how we roll. At One Percent Collective, we want to encourage people to sign up to our newsletters so we can share all the great stuff we’re doing. So on a wonderfully sunny day last month, myself, Sez and Nicky took to the hills of the Kapiti Coast, North of Wellington, as part of the Whareroa Farm volunteering days. Our brief? For every new sign up we got to our newsletter, we would plant a tree or release a native plant from the strangling grip of weeds.

In just one week we had 49 new subscribers so we joined the Whareroa Gardens Community Trust crew and got to work on the mission. Between the three of us we released 75 plants in one day and had inspiring conversations (over tea and scones of course) with a seriously dedicated bunch of volunteers.

Thanks for your support! PAT