Tigilau Ness Interview

Tigilau Ness is a Niuean New Zealand activist and reggae artist. He also happens to be Che Fu's father. Ness was one of the founders of the reggae group the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the 1970s, and performs today as Unity Pacific.


What’s rockin’ with you?

Travel. New Caledonia with the band in January 2012. Tres bien avec Kanaki brothers and sisters. April 2012 found me in Capetown, South Africa for the 13th World Congress for the Association for Infant Mental Health (I work with ‘Mellow Dads’, parenting program out of South Auckland). Fantastic. July 2012 found me in the Solomon Islands for the 2012 Pacific Arts & Culture Festival. More travel and next album in the works.


How do current trends in business and technology affect your work?

Businesswise, I haven’t slowed down at all. Technology-wise, I’m using my cellphone to record ideas, lyrics and verses while on the move (something son Che taught me!).


What place does generosity have in the world of music?

Generosity is at the heart of music.


Which artist or creative do you think has created the biggest positive social change in this world?

Bob Marley has created the biggest positive social change in this world I feel. ‘Herb’ is now part of NZ’s culture. Dreadlocks are part of a cultural shift worldwide. The Bible has taken on more significance because of Rasta and Bob Marley’s influence is at the forefront of it all; a mystic revelation. Music is the connection. Man’s sole purpose on earth? To praise God. How? With music. The world future view as I see it? Like the Bible says. The future will be RastafarI.


Ultimate super group? 

Mums and dads and children. Lots of children. A heavenly host.


Tell us three things that inspire you.

The Holy Bible. King James version or the Schofield Reference Bible (the Ministers Bible). Most accurate account of human life on earth. A blueprint for our survival.

My mum. She instilled in me the faith but I rebelled and went the revolutionary way – Che Guevera, Black Panthers, Malcom X, political activism, protests etc. until Bob Marley came along (at the right time) and revolutionised my heart and soul and put me back on track.

Children. We must become like them in order to see the brighter future.

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