The Good Guys

At One Percent Collective we exist to inspire generosity and to simplify regular giving to causes we care about. We know our partner charities can to do more to innovate and impact the issues they exist to solve if they are spending less time and money on fundraising. However fundraising events are still a really great way to bring the community together and to reach new supportive audiences. This little story is about how a great little fundraiser called 'The Good Guys' came together and is having an impact on vulnerable kids in Burma.


Hell Yeah

There are some people out there, so generous with their time, who just say ‘yes’. And with that simple word great things can happen.

Our partner charity SpinningTop has been hosting a comedy show in the NZ International Comedy Festival for eight years. It is a really important fundraising event in their calendar and it is dependent on great people saying ‘yes’. Fortunately, each year an incredible line-up of comedians donate their talent and their night off (!) during the festival to this show. The other stars of the show are the sponsors, especially the supremely awesome Hell Pizza, and anyone who has bought tickets to the shows.

From Zero to Hero

The Good Guys comedy show has a budget of ZERO DOLLARS, with everything donated or sponsored so all funds raised through ticket sales go to helping vulnerable children.

Last year around $15,000 was raised which meant SpinningTop could fund the construction, and contribute to the first year running costs, of a brand new school in an isolated area of Burma. The fantastic new school was built in Mae K’Lah by locals to the specifications of the local community. Opening in 2 months, the school will teach up to 150 children who come from six small villages in the region, all of these villages are isolated and under resourced. These kids now have the opportunity to learn, they are fed at school and are not alone at home, vulnerable to exploitation or child labour. This project follows on nicely from SpinningTop's 2013 show which raised enough to build a school for 140 children in a village called Hter The Leh.

Hter The Leh School. Built thanks to your laughs!

Hter The Leh School. Built thanks to your laughs!

A fiver for a comedian?

SpinningTop’s comedy show, The Good Guys, is happening again this May – on the 3rd in Wellington and on the 10th in Auckland. There is an incredible line-up of award-winning comedians including Jeremy Elwood, Dai Henwood, Urzila Carlson, Ben Hurley, Paul Ego, Steve Wrigley and James Nokise.

Really? Us? Jokes made that?! It’s hard to get my head around, but it makes me very, very happy!
— Michele A'Court

Go here for tickets and the full line up:

For a ticket price of $37 it usually works out at about $5 or $6 a comedian – what an amazing deal! You get a hilarious night of comedy and help build something amazing for kids that really need a hand up from us big people.

Thank YOU. Thank you HELL PIZZA. Thank you FUNNY PEOPLE.