For People Who Give A %

You’re here because you clicked to learn more about this whole One Percent thing. Nice, you sound like an awesome person. Here's all you need to know in one easy place so you can make the call whether this is something you're keen to get involved with.

In a nutshell, One Percent Collective is an online platform to give 1% of your income – we’re actually pretty loose on that, you can give whatever you want – to share amongst your choice of our partner charities. You simply set up one payment, we do the rest.

Here's how it works in 1 min:

It's 100% free, meaning we always pass on every dollar of your donation to the charities you choose, since we fund ourselves through our Future 50 model and corporate sponsorship.

The 14 charities you can choose from are all vetted and selected by our talented volunteer board to suit a strict criteria. They're all smallish Kiwi-based organisations who have a proven impact on the community, and who share our values of transparency, community and connecting you with your impact. Don't worry, there's a simple list of the 14 partner charities on our homepage and in the signup form.

We put a huge effort into sharing stories on what the partner charities do with your funding to connect you with your impact. The Generosity Journal is a beautiful little book featuring stories from our partner charities, profiles and interviews with people doing good things behind the scenes, inspiring ideas, and updates from the 1% community. It is published quarterly in print, online, in bite-sized social media chunks and inbox snippets.

We also aim to hold a couple of Generosity Sessions each year where 1% donors can come connect, bring a buddy, listen to some tunes from musos within the Collective and meet some of the people running the charities they support.

To each of us, 1% might not look like much – and that’s kind of the point. It’s scalable for a student, an average Jane, or a serious money-maker without being a big commitment, but when there are tonnes of us it all adds up to fund some seriously deserving causes.

So, how about it. Will you join the Collective and give your 1%?