The Future Story

– Article originally from The Generosity Journal Issue Four –

Woooow New Zealand, you’ve gone and done it! We’ve hit the mark where a cool $1,000,000 is raised through One Percent Collective donors every year for our partner charities and, looking around, we’re fizzing to see the results: 35,000 kg extra food rescued and redistributed to hungry bellies, 15,000 more trees planted along our waterways, thousands of kids given gardens and food education programmes in their schools – just to name a few. 

What’s more is we’ve started changing the charity game together too. With thousands of Kiwis giving 1% of their income on the regular, our charities are guaranteed consistent funding to do their thing. The dosh is coming in so they’re not forced to compete for a shrinking pool of grants or sell their souls to fundraising, and instead they can be innovative and focus their efforts on their work. Not to mention there’s less bucket-shaking, cold-calling and sausage sizzles with burnt onions outside Bunnings. Things are looking up, well done New Zealand!

Right, so that was all a crock of sticks, a lie, sorry to trick you. The truth is, that’s what the future can look like really soon, but we need your help to get there.

We’ve done the maths and found that all it takes for the above to come true is to have 2000 donors in the Collective. Easy! We started off in 2012 with a handful of mates and their mums, but in five short years the Kiwi public has rallied behind the idea to give 1% of their income to the causes they care about, and with over 300 donors right now we’ve got more momentum than ever before. This can be the future of giving here, so we’ve decided to go balls-to-the-wall to make it happen.

There’s an inspiring guy, Charles Eisenstein, who talks about living your future story now. Well, this is ours – with so many world issues and governments struggling to look after their people, we don’t want to leave it to someone else to sort out, it’s up to us to just go ahead and do it. We don’t need permission to change the world; we can just do it.

But what can you do as one human? It all seems a bit much, doesn’t it. But you do have the power to do something huge. You could take just a tiny 1% of your income and use that to regularly support those things you believe in. Better school systems for our little people, cleaner beaches, support networks, no more hunger – whatever you want. There are thousands of organisations out there doing incredible things, and we’ve partnered with 11 of them and made it insanely easy to donate via online banking or credit card in under three minutes. You can literally buy a better world while sitting on your couch.

And the whole reason One Percent Collective works is that anyone can do it. Just a student, or in your first job? Your 1% may be small but when we all give it all adds up. Rolling in it? Then 1% is about as easy as it gets. Don’t have an income? No sweats, 1% of nothing is nothing. No matter what age you are, we think you’ll agree that we all want to leave a better world for our generation and for future generations. So let’s all get behind causes we care about. Don’t just talk about it, do it.

This issue of The Generosity Journal has been a glimpse at what the future can look like. These are One Percent Collective charities acting with 1% donors’ funding. This is your giving evolution, your movement, and your future story.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Collective now – let’s make the future happen.

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Words by Reuben Harcourt and Pat Shepherd.

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