The Black Seeds Interview

If you've never danced with your socks off in the sun to The Black Seeds then you've got some living to do. The eight-piece band is a touring stalwart across New Zealand and Australasia and features regularly at many of Europe and North America's biggest festivals. We talked to Dan Weetman about music and generosity.


What place does generosity have in the world of music?

In hard economic times I hear friends wanting to look after their nearest and dearest first before a stranger. I can understand this as I have a small family myself. I see you could also very easily end up thinking this way all the time or using it as an excuse to not open up and just give to someone you don't know who is in need. I feel as a musician in a popular NZ group that we have people who look up to us as role models and are influenced by what we do and who we support. I feel we need to give time, positivity and money to those in need and not give it a second thought sometimes. What we give out only comes back to us and that powerful way of thinking and example of living to others can only do good things for all of us living on earth.  


What’s rockin’ in the world of The Black Seeds? 

We released our album ‘Dust and Dirt’ in April. We are so proud of the work we put into this album and have been really enjoying playing the new songs live. We have done a heap of touring in the US/EU with more in NZ and Australia to come and then it's back to US/EU for festival shows. 


How have business trends and technologies influenced your work?

The Internet has transformed music distribution. Every artist has had to grow and change with the times. People don't mind downloading music and are not even bothering to purchasing the physical format, which I don't agree with as I grew up buying records but this is how the next generation have grown up buying music.

Social networking sites have become an important tool in the music industry and nowadays there are less bands getting their own websites and just using a flash page with links to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc. These days all bands want to make more contact with our fans and give them as much information about current news without giving too much info all the time and Twitter is a great way to give little updates on an artist’s ongoing adventures. Social networking sites are great for getting new bands to a large amount of people but means when I am looking for a new and exciting band I have to filter through a heap of crap ones.


Which individual do you think has created the biggest positive social change in this world?

I think Bob Marley put great words and positive thoughts out to the world, which sings out whenever you hear and feel his music. His music cried out for change in the world.   

Imagine the world the way you want future generations to inherit it.

Less cars, less air travel, more solar energy and wind energy, smart energy, one currency/bartering system, illegal to have war, no famine, no child labour, no racism and everything man-made is biodegradable. 


Tell us three things that inspire you. – Alex Jones always does his research and only works with the facts. His sources are credible and his show, which he streams live, is worth your time. I think with some of the world’s so called Super Powers losing grip on control, it is important to keep an eye on other sources of news and not just rely on the news we get drip fed from larger commercial TV, net and radio stations. There can be many sides to a news story so why only settle for what you are told? – Avaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues - from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. – Great music performed and recorded live in various studios. Very inspiring performances from many different artists.

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