Running with the wolves

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre supports children and young people with a wide range of special needs with one-on-one and small group music therapy sessions. They're a proud legacy charity of ours here at One Percent Collective and they've got something pretty cool to share...


"On Wednesday March 9, we rocked out at the Kings Arms in the heart of Auckland City to the band Written By Wolves, supported by Midweek Tonic and with our very own music therapist Yair Katz. They all put on a spectacular performance in support of our work. The occasion was to launch our first in a series of Music Makes a Tee t-shirts designed to raise funds for the Centre, and was inspired by what we are all about here, music.

Written By Wolves kindly offered not only their generous support again but also the lyrics to their unreleased song ‘Lights’. This was used as the basis for an online design competition, with the brief being to come up with a design that celebrates and promotes the way music is used at the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre and the inspiration of the lyrics of ‘Lights’. The winning design would then be printed on to t-shirts to sell and raise money for the Centre.

The results were outstanding, and came down to two standout designs. The overall winner Asela de Silva, a New Zealand illustrator based in Melbourne and runner up Rehua Wilson, an illustrative artist and practicing architectural graduate based in Wellington, both delivering two exquisite designs that truly encompass the ethos of ‘Lights’, love, affection and courage. 

Asela's design features comic-book style children in wolf hoods and with fire in their hands to represent courage and the light inside everyone. Rehua's design explores the alternative expressions of identity, influenced by Maori narratives, exhibiting togetherness in the work

T-shirts are now available for sale at our Centre in Grey Lynn or online at Every t-shirt comes with a free iTunes download of the single Lights."

Thankyou to our old-school One Percent Collective members giving their 1% to our legacy charity RMTC. If you wanna see our current kick-ass Kiwi causes you can get behind with just 1% of your income, click here