Love Your Water

Riparian planting with Sustainable Coastlines

The environment is important, we all know this. What we do today will of course affect the quality of our future. Sustainable Coastlines work everyday to ensure that the outlook for our future is positive. On Thursday 5th June 2014 (World Environment Day) they organized hundreds of volunteers from the NZ Landcare Trust, Auckland Council, Wakaaranga School, Farm Cove Intermediate, HSBC, Hilton, Fulton Hogan, The Sustainable Business Network and the wider Auckland region to plant 2,600 native trees on the banks of Wakaaranga Creek, Half Moon Bay, as a part of the Volcano to Sea Project and Love your Water launch.


Establishing particular plants and trees next to the waterways in what we call “the riparian strip“, creates a buffer zone that helps to remove nutrients from entering the water and therefore improve water quality. There are also benefits in: erosion control because they hold river banks together, and biodiversity as they provide habitat for native species and shade out the water, reducing its temperature and therefore making toxic algal blooms less likely. 

The coastlines are at the bottom of everything, so essentially they receive all the bad stuff that comes off the land. When we dump a lot of nutrients in the waterways, the polluted water goes into the ocean and you get a proliferation of algae and other micro-organisms at the river mouth. These little animals die quickly and sink to the ocean floor, where they rot. This removes oxygen from the water, creating ‘dead zones‘ where much of the normal marine life struggles to survive – a disaster for the ecosystem.

This day of planting in Half Moon Bay was one of many that Sustainable Coastlines have planned, organised and taken part in. Since May this year they have been running educational presentations, training workshops and tree planting events in every region of New Zealand, all of which are free to attend. The key aim of these events is to build the capacity of communities so that they can improve local waterways and coastlines – a mission that makes the future of our environment that much brighter.

It’s easy to see that Sustainable Coastlines are doing a heck of a lot of good both for local communities, and our environment. Encouraging an attitude of building a sustainable future, Sustainable Coastlines is a cause that is well worth the support. As one of our partner charities, we believe in their mission and hope that you do too! To donate your 1% to this awesome cause, join One Percent Collective by following the link at the bottom of this story. If you love your water and want a brighter future put your hands up. Thank you!