Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre Interview

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre helps children and young people with a wide range of special needs, including those with physical, intellectual, developmental, behavioural and emotional issues. It is New Zealand’s only music therapy centre. We talked to Director Carol White about what is happening in her world.


The power of music is a beautiful and therapeutic thing that can be channeled for good. What drew you to get involved with Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre?

I was tired of working in the corporate world and was looking for something new to motivate and inspire me, and to utilize the skills and experience I have gained in my career to date. The Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre was that something I was looking for. As the only music therapy centre in New Zealand, it is a very special and rewarding place to be. We work with over 200 children and young adults every week and through music therapy, we are able to change the lives of each and every one of them.


Tell us about a special moment you have had working at Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre.

There have been many special moments during my tenure here, so it is hard to choose just one. I see children who are so happy to be here, run up the steps and in the front door every day. Several come into my office to say hello if they are able to or just stand next to me to let me know they are here. The smiles and delight on a child’s face when they see their therapist and in their sessions when they hear music or touch an instrument and make a sound. And for the children with physical challenges, watching them learn to hold, grasp, stand and even walk a step or two has been truly memorable.


One Percent Collective donors have given $9769 since last November to  help you reach your goals. Tell us about the great work you and your staff have been doing.

We are now working with around 200 children and young people every week either at the Centre or via Outreach programmes. The Centre in Grey Lynn now opens until 5.30pm one evening a week and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm to enable more children and young people an opportunity to access music therapy. In August we launched an Outreach programme in the Titirangi community hall in West Auckland one day a week and hope to provide more of these Outreach programmes in other communities in the greater Auckland area. The funds from One Percent Collective have contributed towards the cost of providing music therapy to these new children and young people and will continue to do so into 2014.


How can people get involved with Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre?

As we receive no statutory funding from the government we are always looking for new and creative ways of fundraising for the Centre. We are very appreciate of organizations and individuals who wish to fundraise for us by holding events of any shape or size. If you have an idea for event please get in touch with me, as we can provide marketing materials and support to this.

We have also  just recently launched our online Micro Scooter promotion so anyone who is looking to replace or purchase  a scooter or accessory in the next few months, should do so via this promotion. Not only do you help the Centre by doing this (RMTC get 20% from each sale) but you also get a 10% discount of any online purchase as well.

And mid this year we launched our support a child initiative, where individuals, businesses or organizations can support a child in need, by contributing to the costs of their music therapy sessions for a few weeks, a few months or longer. We are currently working with 20 children who get fully subsidized music therapy sessions, so any help in contributing to this is gratefully received. More information about our support a child initiative and other ways to support the Centre including payroll giving and donating online are available here.

Donate your 1% to Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre here.