Changing how we do things

As the Collective grows, the way we work needs to grow too, so a couple of things are changing here in the world of One Percent Collective. As of the 1st December 2016, we’re going to partner with a slightly larger pool of charities than our current model of 6 at a time. This means more options for donors to share their donation between their favourite causes. We’re going to work longer and much more closely with the partner charities to have a bigger impact, so that they can grow to be the best that they can, and give the best giving experience possible along the way. 

Your 1% donations will continue to go to the charities you chose on sign up and you will of course be free to change who you support once we announce our partner charities on the 1st December. This change will make One Percent Collective more sustainable for the long term. That’s about the gist of it, but if you’d like to know how and why, please read on!

The current model worked while we were small, but now we’re growing pretty fast, and we reckon we can do it better. We sat down with all of our surveys and feedback, and asked a tonne of you guys what you think, and found that one of the things people value most about giving through One Percent Collective is being able to easily split their one donation between multiple charities.

So we want to offer a larger pool of charities to split your donation between. As of the 1st December 2016, we’ll be partnered with a slightly larger pool of charities and will make all those charities available on sign up. We’ll also finally be able to offer recurring credit card payments, making giving way easier and opening up the Collective to international donors.

We’ll be partnering with our Collective charities for a longer period of time, so we can have a more meaningful impact on each. Instead of partnerships lasting 18 months, as of the 1st December they will now have no end date, but will instead be reviewed annually. By working together for a longer period, we’ll be able to better learn exactly what it is that each charity needs support and guidance with, and connect experts from within the collective and our community to help them with what they need. 

While we’ve never really written it down before… all that we do has always revolved around a few key values; be open, be human and be real (more info on what exactly this means for us and for our partner charities coming soon). We’ll work with each partner charity towards these values. Whether that’s by helping them to have a great UX online, to host events and connect with their community, to tell the stories about the impact they are having and inspire more people to give a sh**, or whatever it is that might be holding them back. With our varied skills and talents in the Collective, we can provide much more meaningful support.

We also learnt from you guys how important it is to see those stories about the real impact our charities are having in the community, so as part of these model changes we'll be sharing more stories from each partner charity on the amazing things they get up to. We'll also be making our Collective events more regular, so there's more opportunities for Collective members to come meet the people behind their chosen charities.

So, to sum it up, our model change means more charities to choose from, long term support to help those charities have a greater impact and more opportunities to learn about the impact you are creating, through Collective events and regular stories.

So, what does this mean for your 1% donations?

Nothing. We will always continue to pass 100% of your donations on to the charities that you choose, unless you instruct us otherwise. When this all takes effect on 1st December 2016, you’ll be given an opportunity to change the charities that you share your 1% between, or keep it all the same. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!

Here’s to 2017 and the giving evolution. Let’s make more awesome things happen! 

Please let us know if there's any unanswered questions here.