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We asked our partner charities what they've been up to over the past few months, read on to hear what your donations have been helping them achieve.

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One Percent Collective

It’s all been pretty mad here in our neck of the woods! Together, the Collective raised a huuuuge $31,438.57 over the last quarter. That’s the second quarter in a row that these incredible humans have cracked 30k and almost doubled what was raised in the same quarter last year. So a massive thank you to all those giving their 1% and making amazing things possible in Aotearoa. We can’t wait to ramp it up, grow this epic community and see what we can all do together a year from now!

Behind the scenes here, our crew has expanded to a whopping two people, with Reuben Harcourt joining us as Head of Digital. We hunkered down over summer to pore over your feedback from 2015 and build it into our strategy. On the back of that, we’ve lined up more storytelling about the impact the Collective is having in our community, such as this shiny new impact update that we’ll be doing each quarter and curated monthly emails to start very soon! We’re also planning to produce three issues of The Generosity Journal this year, along with some seriously special events to go with them.

Speaking of... The Generosity Journal Issue Two just went live a few weeks ago! It’s packed full of goodies. We had the epically talented Sean Duffell work his spray-can magic on the street for our front cover art and a host of awesome contributors, many of whom are generous Collective donors – chur to them! Last but certainly not least, Sir Warren Maxwell of Trinity Roots, who’s not actually knighted but defs should be, played a very special set at an event in Wellington to kick off our #WhyMusic conversation to crowdsource ideas and content for our next issue of The Generosity Journal. If you missed out on the night, we’d love ya to dive in to the conversation here

Cheers for another epic quarter, and enjoy the updates on what your 1% is making possible! Peace

~ Pat and Reuben 

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Garden To Table

It’s been a very exciting start to 2016 at Garden to Table. Not only have we welcomed our new Executive Officer, Linda Taylor, to the team, but we have also introduced 3 new schools, launched our online curriculum resource portal, and are just about to launch Garden to Table Online, ensuring the Garden to Table programme is available to children all over New Zealand.  

While Garden to Table’s main aim is to teach kids how to grow, cook and enjoy good food (and, we hope, providing a solution to our childhood obesity crisis along the way), our curriculum resources help to tie these activities back into the classroom, providing ‘real-world’ learning opportunities for kids who may not thrive in a traditional classroom environment. Weighing pumpkins, measuring curly long beans and studying the science of worm farms is a great way to get kids engaged!  As one of our Principals commented, “We have our lowest absentee rate on Garden to Table days. The kids love it”.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who gives through One Percent Collective. Our aim this year is to introduce a further 350 schools to Garden to Table through our online programme, and your support is invaluable. Every $100 you donate allows a whole class to participate in the Garden to Table Online programme for a year, growing, cooking, learning and having fun. Together, we can help kids discover how easy it is to grow, harvest, prepare and share good food, and we believe the long-term benefits to childhood health and wellbeing is immeasurable. Thanks!

~ Linda Taylor

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Downtown Community Ministry (DCM)

The first three months of 2016 has been another very busy period for DCM. Over the quarter, 465 people came to us for support, of whom 225 people were homeless. We supported people in many different ways, including to find housing, with food (257 people visited our foodbank and we provided 537 food parcels), income and money management (64 people were supported to access or sustain a benefit, while we managed the income and outgoings of 49 people through our Money Management Service), and the provision of a safe space and activities such as music and Te Reo classes at Te Hāpai, where we engaged with 151 people.

There have been many highlights over the year to date; we will share two stories here.

The 38 years of Dean’s life to date have included a CYFS childhood, unspeakably tragic events during his teenage years, and an adulthood spent cycling between prison and the streets. Dean first came to DCM more than 10 years ago, but it is only in recent years that he has been prepared to really engage with us. The biggest change came when Dean reconnected with his whanau; he is now housed, living close to his family and enjoying a much more stable lifestyle.

Over the 3 years that we have known her, 36 year old Christine has been sleeping rough or in a vehicle. She would come in to DCM disorientated after walking around all night, and in considerable pain due to dental decay and abscesses. Recently her son came back in to her life, and Christine decided that she was ready to settle down and sort things out. In March she moved in to her own flat, and soon after she was one of the first people to receive treatment during the pilot phase of the new DCM Dental Service. For the first time in years, she told us she was pain-free and able to sleep well.

Yes, another highlight has been being able to offer dental treatment to the people who come to DCM in the new dental rooms in our building in Lukes’ Lane. This is the culmination of many years of planning. We look forward to sharing more news of this much needed service in future updates! Thank you to our One Percent Collective donors for making so much possible.  

~ Michelle Scott

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Inspiring Stories

Having experienced the devastating impact of bullying first-hand, Amanda Maxwell is now harnessing her passion for photography to support 12–15 year olds to build their self worth. Amanda is one of a diverse range of graduates from this year’s Live the Dream programme. Her story even brought Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel to tears at the showcase event. Amanda has just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been further developing her venture – TripleR Youth – Reflect, Resolve, Restore.

The generosity from supporters through One Percent Collective enable us to make programmes like Live the Dream accessible to more young New Zealanders like Amanda.

We’re also conscious that whilst Festival for the Future and Live the Dream are making a real impact for loads of young Kiwis, they’re not very accessible for young people from more rural and provincial areas. We’re excited to share that over the past year, we’ve been developing a new programme in partnership with the Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs and a number of Councils – the Future Leaders programme. Throughout 2016 we’ll be working closely with young people in Buller, Kawerau, Opotiki, Manawatu, Palmerston North, and Rotorua. Our hope is that through developing their social entrepreneurship and leadership capability, we can back them to empower hundreds of young Kiwis to make a difference in their communities. Watch this space!

~ Guy Ryan

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The Neonatal Trust

It’s been a very busy start to 2016, building on a number of existing programmes, and with a number of new projects launched. In the new project bucket, we’re excited to have launched our new ‘Incubator donation boxes’. We have re-purposed a number of out-of-service incubators into unique fundraising and awareness tools. These have been placed in bank branches, at markets and also at a large sporting event and have proved a hit – drawing in the public, providing a conversation starter and allowing our volunteers to talk about neonatal journeys and also hand out information to raise awareness.

Our support initiatives have been wide and varied. We've extended the reach of our ‘Support & Welcome packs’, with more neonatal units now receiving these and new local volunteers signed up to assist with their development and distribution. Privacy screens have been delivered to help give parents some privacy and discretion in times of stress, anxiety, breastfeeding, Kangaroo Cuddles and general privacy. Memorial books are being created to help parents who have lost a baby with the grieving process and celebrate the short life of their baby. Also, new La-Z-Boys have been purchased for general comfort during the long stays in the unit, and also for use with Kangaroo Cuddles

Our HUGE thanks goes to you for being a One Percent Collective member. You are enabling our support of neonatal families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey, and the enhanced care of their precious babies.

~ Neil O'Styke

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Nga Rangatahi Toa

Ngā Rangatahi Toa has already cracked it in 2016. With your awesome help, we are taking our first steps to helping reshape the education system in New Zealand, further developing our flagship project Manawa Ora, and riding the cusp of the wave of awesomeness that keeps us all getting out of bed in the morning.

The NRT School of Creativity will open in June, in Otara. This partnership with the Faculty of Creative Arts at MIT will allow us to work with up to 60 alternative education rangatahi, and will be the base for our new whole whanau engagement programme. Working in partnership with a tertiary leader like MIT means we can find innovative ways to successfully engage kids who have been excluded from mainstream school. Our classroom will also be used for the professional development of NRT staff, and community mindfulness engagement programmes.

Following the release of his new album ‘Tiny Warm Hearts’, NRT Youth Mentor Todd Williams (a.k.a Louie Knuxx), is running a music based programme in South Auckland alternative education providers, building relationships through arts access, and recruiting rangatahi for our high-engagement programmes. This forms part of a pilot programme, run in partnership with the AIMHI Alternative Education Consortium, and links to the programmes held at the NRT School of Creativity. This pilot is a first in New Zealand, and we are proud to partner with this leading consortium.

Sooooo, did you know that we are down with the Royal Family? Prince Charles came and hung out with us at the end of last year. Last month our Executive Director, Sarah Longbottom, and our Head Trustee, Will Tipping, met with representatives of the Prince’s Trust International who had flown out from London to discuss how we might work together in the future. Stay tuned for that one!

Some of the awesome alumni of the 2015 Manawa Ora: Hope for a Generation (a creative homage to our friends at Fat Freddy’s Drop), spoke and performed at the National Alternative Education Symposium, and represented awesomely for NRT in media coverage.

Manawa Ora 2016 will be something innovative and fresh that honours our kids' stories, and challenges the audience to be present in their own lives.  It’ll be flat-out amazing, make sure you come! Herald Theatre Auckland, first week of October. This year we are also ‘taking Manawa Ora home’ with performances in Otara and Mangere.

Massive thank you much to all our donors there at One Percent Collective. If you are contributing to NRT you are making the world a better place. We’ll keep hustling, you keep donating! Much love.

~ Sarah M, Sarah L and Selina

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Medicine Mondiale

We're very excited at Medicine Mondiale as we're so close to being able to send LifePod Infant Incubators to countries in desperate need of them. These LifePods have been designed specifically for use in developing countries, where access to pure water or a reliable power supply is a challenge. The LifePod has a life expectancy of at least 10 years and is easily transportable so can be sent to remote areas as well as main medical centres. It is estimated each LifePod will save more than 500 babies' lives.

We’ve nearly reached the $1,000,000 needed to start production on LifePods and recently launched a school fundraising initiative to help us get there. Sir Ray Avery personally invited all primary and secondary schools in New Zealand to sponsor a LifePod, and schools have been quick to take up the challenge. Some schools have sponsored more than one LifePod, raising funds through bake sales, market days, mufti days and talent shows. The schools can choose where to send their LifePods to, and the name of their school will be engraved on each incubator. The fundraising team is also working on a Fashion and Lifestyle fundraising event in June.

Thank you for being a One Percent Collective member - there’s no doubt your kind support is helping us reach our goal. We aim to send LifePods to countries in need this year, starting with the Pacific region so that we can track the efficiency of the LifePod, and health of the baby using the incubator, via Vigil medical monitoring bracelets. We’ll keep you updated!

~ Anna Avery

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Sustainable Coastlines 

After a summer of awesome activities to look after our beaches, Sustainable Coastlines is now gearing up to give back to our waterways this winter. Planting trees beside our streams, rivers and lakes helps restore water quality and bring back native habitats, so please join us for our planting events around Aotearoa. We’ve also been busy relocating The Flagship Education Hub to her new site in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter and have exciting events coming up that we’d love to see you at. 

A huge thanks to all of our epic donors! Researching, planning and running our projects has costs that we work damn hard to meet, so we make sure your hard earned money goes where it’s needed most. A little goes a long way, so big or small, your donation helps us to look after the waterways and coastlines we love.

~ Camden Howitt

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Kaibosh's focus over the last few months has been establishing and growing our new Lower Hutt branch. We've been working towards this for a long time, so it's exciting to see it up and running - and with such great support from the local community. We're currently serving Lower Hutt and Wainuiomata from that branch, with plans in place to extend our service to Upper Hutt very soon.

We've been working with new food donors and community groups, and over the last three months we’ve provided the equivalent of more than 82,000 meals to those in our community who need it most, as well as keeping more than 22 tonnes of carbon emissions out of our atmosphere.

As always, we'd like to say a big thank you to One Percent Collective members – what you're doing is incredible and we very much appreciate your contributions. Thanks for being a part of our world!

~ Matt Dagger

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Project Jonah

While Project Jonah is always prepared to attend strandings, it is the summer months of January and February when we expect mass strandings to occur. However this year, it didn’t happen, for which we were grateful. Although we still had several smaller incidents which we have assisted with, offering volunteer and community support and technical assistance to those on the ground.

This hasn’t stopped us continuing to train new medics across the country, with 89 new volunteer medics trained to respond to strandings in their communities. We’ve also visited five schools - reaching over 2,000 children – introducing them to the awesome world of the marine environment and talking to them about their impacts (both positive and negative) on this environment. We worked with the Department of Conservation during Seaweek in early March and this was a valuable opportunity to reach youth groups (this year in the Bay of Plenty) and support grass roots action in local communities.  

Once again, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the amazing support of our One Percent Collective givers. Thank you!

~ Daren Grover

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Spinning Top

2016 began beautifully for the people of Burma, with free and peaceful democratic elections which heralded a hopeful new dawn for this troubled country. For the first time in more than fifty years a civilian government, elected by the people, is in power.

All of SpinningTop’s projects are currently in Burma or on the border with Thailand, supporting the still thousands of children living in poverty due to previous military governments’ cruelty and violence across the country. There is a great sense of optimism that the new government will enable and encourage many to return to their villages or, in cases where villages were destroyed, to seek to re-establish in Burma. Whatever happens it will still take time and in the meantime we will continue to aid and help educate these children.

We are particularly proud of the alternative education centre we established last November in Myawaddy, Burma. With your help, and in partnership with a great little Burmese organisation called StayinSchool, the centre was established and has already reached hundreds of particularly vulnerable young people. The team there provide a range of courses to very young kids who have dropped out of formal education and who are now often in exploitative situations. StayinSchool also delivers some training inside schools to encourage children to continue with their studies and they conduct mobile training around the region. This project is part of our education strategy – to ensure vulnerable children have access to their right to an education and to help them keep learning to maximise their opportunities for the future. Thank you for your generosity which helps make this happen.

~ Paul Dodge

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Through this first quarter, Amped4Life has delivered 22 seminars to a range of people, from high school presentations, youth camps, churches, school counselling visits, men's groups and the RYPEN camp. We're delighted to continue in partnership with the awesome RYPEN (The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment), an amazing organisation that does so much for local communities. Their weekend long camp sees year ten and eleven students from schools across the Western Bay of Plenty develop their potential through a mixture of lecture style sessions and adventure-based learning. We brought the Amped4Life message to students at the camp, and look forward to continuing to do so!

Amped4Life has also had an ongoing association with Mt Albert Grammar School for the last 5 or so years and have primarily worked with the PE/Health Department in offering classroom modules and seminars which elaborate and hone in on various subject content, ranging from a Methamphetamine Module Level 3 for Year 13 to the Choices/Destination by design module for Year 10.

A huge thanks to our One Percent Collective donors for their massive support of our work.

~ Pat Buckley

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Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

The first quarter of 2016, our twelfth year of operation, has been our busiest to date. In February we saw a 30% increase in our client numbers compared to the same period last year and the launch of our newest satellite service in Otara. After twelve months of planning and searching for the right location, we are thrilled to be offering music therapy sessions at the Otara Music and Arts Centre, on Tuesdays each week. We also found a better location for our north shore satellite programme, which moved to the Orewa Arts & Estuary Centre at the beginning of this year. This sees the number of outreach and satellite programmes that we deliver in the wider Auckland area increase to 16! And in May, this will increase to 19, with three additional programmes launching in West and East Auckland.

February also saw us launch the first of our new services – a combined music therapy and speech language therapy programme (called “Tune-In”) for pre-school children with special needs.  

Six pre-school children and their mums attended the weekly group session on Monday afternoons, with the progress and development of the children, exceeding our initial expectations. It is thrilling to have parents involved in the group programme as this allows the therapists to share tips and activities with families who can then carry the learning to home and everyday life. The programme has proved so successful that a second pre-school group programme is planned to commence in May and we are hoping to establish a similar group for school aged children, mid year.

And as we continue to receive no statutory funding, we have been delighted with the ongoing support from our One Percent Collective donors as well as the support we have received in this first quarter from fundraising activities that people and groups have held on our behalf. Special thanks to the band Written by Wolves, for their generosity in donating a song to help inspire and create a design for our awesome new t-shirts available here

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support of all of our generous Collective donors who continue to help us change the lives of more children and young adults with special needs through music.

~ Carol White

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