Loren Taylor Interview

Loren Taylor has been acting, writing, producing, casting, and creating for New Zealand's film and television industry for over a decade. She is most recently known and loved for her depiction of Lily in Eagle vs Shark. Loren is one of those rare individuals who likes to step outside of her creative limits and challenge herself constantly.


What’s rockin’ in the world of Loren Taylor? 

I've been very lucky to get funding from the Film Commission to direct a short film. I adapted the story from my sister Anna Taylor's book ‘Relief’, which she adapted from a true story that happened to my Mum. Very exciting to have a chance to tell a story I love on 35mm! I'm working with a powerful creative team, and I feel blessed to have a chance to do what I love.   


Imagine the world the way you want future generations of children to inherit it.

It'd be a world with polar bears, frogs and elephants in it for a start. There'd be no more carbon producing aeroplanes – huge, fast sailing ships would have replaced them. The miserable capitalist system would have crumbled and in its place would be green socialist democracies. Everyone would have enough to eat, enough work to do, and enough time to rest, sing, dance and express their gifts. Animals would be cared for and respected – no more factory farms, no more abattoir trucks. Humans would have stopped poisoning the air with carbon, polluting and decimating the oceans, and soaking the earth with pesticides – all farming would be organic… I could GO ON FOR PAGES. And society would be a matriarchy i.e. Run By The Ladies.


Describe something you loved or loved doing in your childhood.

Icing dog biscuits and feeding them to my Mum's (unsuspecting) piano students. I tried them on my (little and also unsuspecting) sister Anna first, so I knew they weren't poisonous. A nice thick coating of carob icing and they go down a treat.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

In the end these three things matter most. How well have you lived, how fully have you loved, and how deeply have you learned to let go. And 'Make of yourself a light'. (Buddha's dying words, so obviously I didn’t get that piece of advice directly from him). 


Tell us three things that inspire you and why.

Bio-Energetics – an extraordinary form of therapy. Remarkable for healing survivors of trauma, sexual abuse and violence.

Adam Curtis documentary maker – The Power of Nightmares, Century of Self. 

This quote from Andrei Tarkovsky – “During the last one hundred years one has somehow arrived at the false conclusion that an artist can manage without the spiritual; the act of creating has suddenly become something instinctive! The consequence of this is that the artist's talent, or gift, does not necessarily put him in a position of responsibility. This is why we have arrived at this lack of the spiritual element which characterizes contemporary art to such a large degree."

A sense of responsibility is a very beautiful quality – if your work is grounded in a desire to make people laugh and feel joy, or wake up to the truth about something, or make them feel enraged so they can use that energy to make change – it will have a deeper significance. In a world where there is so much suffering it feels vital that those of us lucky enough to have a chance to work creatively are very conscious of what we are doing and why. 

Surely at this stage in humanity’s evolution we should have learnt that humans are happier and function better when they feel like they belong. As my Mum just said to me, ‘cynicism is a disease of an alienated mind’. We are saturated with stimulus that encourages individualism, egotism and selfishness – high time for a paradigm shift. Here's to community, and the collective revolution!

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