The Little Things List

The theme of this issue is Be Human. In a world of digital this and virtual that, we asked The Collective to help us create a checklist of little things that any of us can do, any day, to connect with others in a human way. 

How many can you tick off?

☐ Put some coins in the tips’ jar.

☐ Invite a friend over to cook dinner together.

☐ Smile!

☐ Pick up the phone at work – two minutes could save five emails.

☐ Engage fully in conversation without checking devices.

☐ Apologise – we all mess up.

☐ If you think someone has done a great job, tell them.  

☐ Give a friend a hug. 

☐ Make eye contact.

☐ Teach someone something you're passionate about.

☐ Send someone flowers – just because.

☐ Buy a coffee for the next person in the coffee queue.

☐ Pay someone a compliment.

☐ Give up your seat on public transport if someone needs it more than you.

☐ Be patient.

☐ Tell people who are important to you that you love them. 

☐ Help out a lost tourist.

☐ Let a car into traffic.

☐ Call an old friend just to say, ‘Hi’.

☐ Bake for someone when there’s no occasion.

☐ Enjoy a meal without Instagramming it.

☐ Listen.

☐ Thank your parents for something they provided you with as a kid.

☐ Forgive yourself.

☐ Say, ‘Mōrena’ to people in the lift.

☐ Shop local.

☐ Check in with someone who seems down or not themselves.

☐ Volunteer.

☐ Say, ‘Happy Birthday’ in person instead of on Facebook.

☐ Send a postcard to a friend.

☐ Have a cuppa with your neighbour.

☐ Donate to One Percent Collective :-)  

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