Kaibosh gets shaken up

Kaibosh shares the story of losing their home here in Wellington after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake back in November, how the community came together to help them keep rescuing food, and what's next for this resilient bunch.


When the 14 November earthquakes hit, our team had no idea of the impact they’d have on us. Kaibosh’s Wellington City premises were in 25 Tennyson Street, which soon made the news when it was evacuated.

In October 2016, we’d hit an all-time record of rescuing and providing more than 20 tonnes of fresh, healthy food to community groups supporting people in need across the Wellington Region. We were excited about what this meant for our community – over 57,000 meals worth of nutritious food for people who might otherwise go without – so being hit with an evacuation only two weeks later was quite a knock.


While our Wellington City team worked out how to keep going without a home, our Lower Hutt team went above and beyond to rescue food from supermarkets closed as a result of the quakes. The extra food was gratefully received by local marae and welfare centres as they took in evacuees, feeding and sheltering people during this time of need. 

We soon found a way to keep rescuing and delivering food in Wellington City too, despite not having a premises. The last few weeks have seen our schedule flipped on it’s head, with our team collecting food in the mornings and sorting it for quality in the back of our truck before hitting the road again to deliver boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and bread to the community groups we support.

On Wednesdays – our busiest day – the Wellington City Mission has kindly lent us space to sort through the boxes and boxes of food we collect. We’ve had to put our Wellington City volunteer programme on hold, and our staff are working from their homes, cafes and borrowed office space, also at the City Mission. 

We’ve since been allowed back into our old building, but have committed to setting up somewhere new.

Kaibosh GM Matt checks out the building and the  food that went to waste after the evacuation.

Kaibosh GM Matt checks out the building and the  food that went to waste after the evacuation.

We’re determined to come through this stronger than ever, and knowing our staff and volunteers feel comfortable and confident at Kaibosh is a big part of that.

To help cover our costs of moving and rebuilding everything, we’ve teamed up with our friends at All Good Bananas to launch the Kaibosh Earthquake A-Peel, giving out bananas around Wellington and encouraging people to donate to Kaibosh in support of the move. If you’d like to help us get it all up and running again, you can donate here.

We want to say a massive thanks to everyone who's supported us during this strange time. To Wellington City Mission, to our Food Rescue Heroes, to our community, to everyone who's offered their help, and to our One Percent Collective donors – thanks for having our back.


Kaibosh Food Rescue collects quality surplus food and provides it to community groups that support people in need. Their vision is Zero Food Poverty, Zero Food Waste. You can learn more about how they do it and support them to get there by donating one percent of your income
to Kaibosh through One Percent Collective.