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Let us first remember, not all superheroes wear capes and not all who wear capes are superheroes, some of them are flamboyant wealthy women off to the theatre in Wellington.

Does the world need a superhero? I think it does. So I started thinking about what my superhero thing would be. Then it came to me, my own unique set of skills (why does that make me think of Liam Neeson on the phone whispering menacingly…?) Anyhoo, it came to me, the one thing I am superb at, my very own individual super power. Here it comes. I can spot a cat anywhere in the world. In a window, up an alleyway, the basket of a bicycle, what?! Adorable!!!!!

That’s right! When I travel, I am a maestro of kitty spotting. I love cats. I recently horrified my husband (cats AND a husband, what?) by running over to a stray cat in a park in Shanghai that had enormous ginger balls and giving it a cuddle. Which seamlessly segues into my thoughts of how we actually CAN save the world. And I do believe we can.

Jussie’s thought number 1.

FFS! Lets just all be nice to each other. It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. We are all just trucking along together. The worst personality trait to me is arrogance, and the worst type of person is someone who thinks they are better than someone else. If I hear someone being rude to a waitperson or bartender I’m like David Banner after the second button pops off.

I’m aware younger readers may not get that reference. Be nice, be kind, be a good human person. Sometimes you can turn someone’s day around, even a stranger, by telling them they have a cute dress on. And I know that first-hand from both sides!

Jussie’s thought number 2.

Go out and see as much of this world we are trying to save if you can. Travel your face off. Through some great life choices we don’t have any children so Dan and I are able to travel a little bit. Mostly places with a Disneyland but also some others. I’m not kidding, we really love Disneyland. We got engaged in a teacup, spent my 50th there last year, and we are heading back to LA in October for our wedding anniversary. It’s our happy place*, and I encourage everyone to find theirs and go as often as possible. My other one is Karekare Beach out west which is a lot cheaper to get to. And you don’t need a fast pass. There’s no popcorn though.

Jussie’s 3rd and final thought.

I’m in need of a cup of tea and by cup of tea I mean glass of wine.

I’m lucky enough to have a job, husband and two cats I love. My car could do with an upgrade and I need a haircut but apart from that it’s all pretty good. Basically, go pat the cats and don’t forget to tip the waitperson. Also, you have a cute dress on ;-)

*Parts of Disneyland sell wine.

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