Julian Moller

Julian Moller is a self-proclaimed nerd and known here at One Percent as ‘The Wizard’. From Opoho, Dunedin, Julian grew up exploring the ’burbs with his brothers, building huts in the bush and playing touch down at the local park. Nowadays, he works his magic as a programmer and developer at 1000minds, dabbles in a bit of craft beer brewing with his mates (they’ve called themselves 1000Brews – shout out to the Occasional Brewer) and is our much-valued volunteer tech support wiz.

The best thing about my job is the freedom; work can definitely be a chore if you aren’t having fun. I realised while I was studying that I really enjoyed building websites and that I didn’t want to work for ‘the man’ – I wasn’t keen on being another cog in the machine. While everyone was out chasing jobs after uni I was making websites for the guy down the road, then eventually I was earning enough to live on, meeting great people along the way and here I am!

1000minds is a decision-making software company, based across Dunedin and Wellington. We aim to help people break down big problems into smaller ones, to make good decisions with a solid scientific method behind it. There are four of us: three geeks and one economist. We try to only work on the stuff that we want to, everyone gets a say and we’re all valued equally. As a company we try to remember that we’re doing the job so we can get paid and enjoy life – not at the expense of it.

We work with organisations and researchers of all sorts to help them save money, be fairer, be faster or more efficient. It’s an awesome environment to work in and because we’re only a small team we are challenged daily. Somedays you have to fill multiple roles: there’s no sales person that’s gonna go meet a client for you or work on a collaboration with another company, which at times can push you out of your comfort zone, but once you’ve had a crack you’re only more confident going forward.

One of the things my parents taught me when I was younger was to help others, so I guess I feel quite lucky that I can do that through my job and in my spare time. As anyone with an interest in computers will relate to, you become the go-to-guy for all things tech for everyone you know – and everyone they know too. I met Pat over a beer and he was after a hand (simple at first, that’s how they get ya). He’s a good sort, doing good things so I was happy to get involved.

I’ve been working with the One Percent crew over the last year or so, geeking it up in my evenings and weekends. Initially, it was to help them sharpen up their new donor enrolment process, now the main goal is to streamline the day-to-day running of things by creating their very own web app. The plan is to make the ‘boring’ stuff like donation recording, donor changes, receipts, reporting and processing as automated as possible, so that the team can better spend their time and energies growing the Collective.

One Percent Collective is truly awesome, and it’s a good feeling to be a part of it – a good bunch of people supporting a great bunch of charities.

If I had to offer up some words of wisdom, don’t be too serious, I reckon.

Let’s make the world a bit fairer, with a bit less hate and treat everyone as humans.

Learn more at 1000minds.com

Words by Jd Nodder. Image by Pat Shepherd. Article originally from The Generosity Journal Issue Five.

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