Julia Atkinson

Sharer, creative and tastemaker

Julia Atkinson creates spaces with reach and influence, places that connect. How do we know this? Well, for one, when Ju shares tidbits from One Percent Collective on Studio Home, we get A LOT of traffic, some who start giving! In her role as a tastemaker, connecter and sharer her sites offers a regular and fresh “heads up” on everything from up and coming artists, designers and entrepreneurial creative people to iconic NZ/AUS brands and what they have on offer.


What’s happening in the world of Julia Atkinson for 2015?

Well I hope the forecast of bright opportunity, extra productivity, new levels of organisation and a fresh strong flow of "idea achieving" will be accurate!  It's always a bit of an exciting ride in my part of the NZ online scene as its so NEW but this year I am hoping to keep pushing off in my own direction and cross my fingers that there will be an audience who are stoked on it!

I will be continuing my new TEAM.WORK project which has me collaborating with emerging independent brands and designers down under. I am now developing a series of easy and useful " how-to-wrangle the internet" videos for small creative business which I hope to form a library that can be subscribed to. Of course daily introductions on the site will still (and always!) be there and I cannot wait to get back out interviewing on both sides of the Tasman (or maybe chasing creative kiwis off shore!!)


Describe the most generous person you know. How have they influenced you?

For me it's recognising the generosity of those in the industry I work with. We all know that starting a small brand or getting your work out there takes guts but I feel positive and excited when I see those with an audience openly plugging and sharing businesses and people they admire. This often has an unrivalled effect on getting that brand/biz/person "out there" and is done with no expectation or benefit for those sharing.

Businesses that host open studio's and share their suppliers, network, media contacts, technique with no restraint demonstrate a generosity and greater interest in seeing their industry grow as opposed to holding all these things as secret with the fear that others will copy! In a way its fearless and risky but again, can make the world of difference for someone starting out on their dream.

This is totally inspiring to me and reminds me to be as open as I can with my own knowledge and experience in the hope it will improve and grow my area of the internet as well.

Beside that, my family have been so incredibly supportive and generous to me in my own attempt to build a business that really has no precedent and is certainly difficult for them to understand! The fact that they can in a sense, blindly support my strong ambition influences me to be working 200% harder!!!


Can you name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated?

Smiling, smiling, smiling and remembering your please's and thank you's.


Can you tell us three things that inspire you and why? 

  • The people who I interview. For letting me delve into their life story and for being brave enough to step off and give their dreams a decent try!
  • My accountant – not kidding! She is a wonderful creative women who fills me with calm and in an area that normally fills me with terror. Her genuine understanding of my business, fears and goals means she offers advice and guidance that leaves me feeling SO much braver!
  • The Internet – yes in general! Its arrival, complete with social networks means that young brands, designers, musicians, artists, photographers (everyone!) has the opportunity to connect with like minded people and customers on a GLOBAL scale. No longer are we bound by our small budgets and the need for expensive print ads or PR companies ... this unrestricted tool is here and the only cost to us is our time and enthusiasm. Sigh. I love it.


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