Jaquie Brown

Comedienne, agony aunt, good egg.

After ducking beneath the covers for a brief spell to raise her two children, Jaquie Brown is back, gracing our screens and warming our twitter feeds. Lately she’s been offering up her talents with amusingly sage advice (just #AskJaquie) as well as hosting the TV trivia show Word Up. But media starlet aside, she’s also a kind, generous, well mannered lady, keen on hard work and good times.


The media industry is notoriously cold and cut-throat. To quote from the book of Klum “one day you’re in, the next you’re out”. What does kindness and generosity look like in this industry?

Support from fellow performers. When we accept that we are all fighting the same fight, which is to entertain and make quality work, we are able to lift each other up and celebrate one another, rather than feel competition (even though a sprinkling of that is healthy because it inspires you to do better). That is what kindness looks like in this industry. Keep an eye out for it.


Do you think there is any obligation for those within the public eye to ‘give back’ to society?

I do actually. Having a public profile means you are able to get a message out to lots of people faster. Simply because you are being listened to means you don't need to shout as loudly. This is great for charities that need to get their messages heard. I nominate two charities that I work with in the year. I give my time for free to help them when I can, but always want to be able do more.


Your improvisational humour is just as on point as your written and produced material. What fuels your creativity and how do you deal with a creative block?

That’s very kind of you. Thank you. What fuels me is that I am never creatively satisfied. I work on a project and before it’s even finished, I’m thinking of the next thing to do.

I like to challenge myself to get better at whatever it is I’m doing – TV presenting, acting, and writing. There is a lot to learn. I’m motivated to entertain people because I know what an impact comedy has had on my life, how it’s kept me going and how it’s inspired me. I grew up watching French and Saunders, their style of comedy really influenced me. Comedy can really shape you, not to mention lift your spirits. If I can make someone’s day better with my face or something I’ve written, then that is a good day.

When it comes to creative blocks, I tend to try and fill my brain with things that make me laugh. I watch clips on Youtube (Bad Lip Reading is my all time favourite), and it can jolt me out of a block. Most of my ideas happen in the shower for some unknown reason. I need a dictaphone in there.


What are the bearings that make up your moral compass?

I’ve always believed that you should treat people how you would like to be treated. I believe that what goes around comes around too. Maybe not immediately, but it will come around. That is not to say I am kind out of a fear that if I’m not, bad things will happen! It means just being aware of how I speak and interact.

I genuinely love to give and I suppose my moral compass hinges partly on my British upbringing, which is very polite. You send Thank You cards, you offer people drinks and snacks to make them feel comfortable when they visit your home. I think it’s a nice way to be! But manners are different to morals aren’t they?

My compass bearings are probably:  North - my British family. East - do unto others. South - I was born not wanting to murder people and preferring to make them cakes instead, and West - life is short and the industry is small. Work hard and treat people around you with kindness. It makes for a happier life.


You’re at a dinner party – clowns to the left of you, jokers to your right. Who would you like to be stuck in the middle of?

Well, clowns don’t speak do they? Plus their use of colour offends me. So that’s a no to the clowns. I’d always go with the jokers because at least you could have a chat. They’d probably have a hidden hip flask I could take a sneaky pip from too.

Keep up with Jaquie's antics at www.twitter.com/JaquieBrown. Entertainment factor guaranteed!