Inject Design Interview

Inject Design are the wonderful web builders behind One Percent Collective. Inject is about design with difference. Some of their notable clients include: Hell PizzaFat Freddys DropHavana Bar & Matterhorn. They live and breathe innovation and creativity and their team is inspired by a diverse range of interests in the arts, music and anything visually stimulating. 


What’s rockin’ in the world of Inject Design for 2012/2013?

It's been a phenomenal year, and we've been lucky enough to have an outstanding arsenal of existing and new clients. They've allowed us to produce some of our favourite brands and websites to date. With a re-brand of NZ's favourite sinful pizza chain, a ground breaking wine community website and the brand design of multiple restaurants, it's fair to say we've been busy. We are also stoked to be a part of the website you read this very text on [before November 2014].


What businesses, organisations or business trends are inspiring you at the moment?

It's amazing seeing businesses that re-create a sense of community that many would argue has been lost in our fast paced lives. Websites like AirBnB are taking travellers out of hotels and putting them back in to homes and the explosion of farmers markets around Wellington (and the country) is connecting buyers back with growers. These business models are an awesome way of providing quality goods and services whilst ensuring the right people receive a fair wage and we reckon that's pretty cool. We also take our hat off to Sam Judd and the Sustainable Coastlines crew for their stance on the environment, because like them we're keen to see our beaches and oceans taken care of.

Inject Design recently turned 10 years old, what's the most important lesson your business has taught you in life?

Integrity and honest communication. We always sleep better at night when no matter what we have to say, we've spoken honestly and openly with our clients. It always produces a better relationship, and ultimately, means we produce better work. It goes without saying the same goes for every day life. 


What place does generosity have in business?

Our business was founded on generosity with our clients and community giving us countless opportunities to work on some fantastic projects. What better way to show thanks than to give back to the community and causes that make our world a better place. We also think it's important to be generous within the business and show gratitude to our staff who make Inject what it is.


Can you tell us three things that inspire you and why? 

  • – mind blowing design inspiration from around the world.
  • Russel Brand – a man with a vocabulary so large that he'd slay the oxford dictionary in the ring.
  • Surfing – because it connects you with nature.