Hell Pizza Interview

Hell Pizza began in New Zealand in 1996 in humble beginnings next to Victoria University and has since spread its pizza bases across the globe keeping hungry people very happy. Hell supports One Percent Collective Trust in a number of ways.


How does generosity fit into the world of business? 

We think that everyone wants to help out people less fortunate in some way; business needs to recognise that and get on board with their customers to support some great charities.


What trends are inspiring you guys at the moment? 

The way New Zealanders are embracing smart phones. We are re-launching our website and new app shortly and are sure that our loyal customers will agree that it was worth the wait. 


What else is rockin’ in Hell?

We have lots of exciting promotions coming up actually. We have just launched a Tequila Dessert pizza and have our mouth watering SUPER GOURMET range just around the corner.


Who is someone we can all learn from? 

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction because he can give a mean foot massage without doing no tickling or nothing.


What inspires you guys?

Branson/Virgin because he constantly refuses to accept NO, pushes the boundaries and focuses on providing a great service/product in a sustainable way.

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