Five of our favourite stories

Here's five of the stories and vids that moved us most over the last wee while. Enjoy!

Holding Onto Hope.

Suzie shares what life looked like at the bottom of the cliff, and how friends, hope, and our partner charity Inspiring Stories helped her to get back on top again.

The Generosity Sessions.

Warren Maxwell & Thomas Oliver play for a wee crowd of One Percent Collective donors and supporters. Recorded live at The Moorings, Wellington.

Picking up the Paddle.

This is the story of Tim, who only months ago was sleeping rough and walking a tightrope of mental health and substance abuse issues. He’s doing really well now, and he generously shares his journey with us.

My Plan to Save the World.

Ladi6 wrote the beautiful intro page to our third issue of The Generosity Journal and it's hella moving.

Eleven Weeks Early.

Daniel shares with us what premature birth is like through the eyes of Dad, and all the little things that helped him, Mum and bub through.

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