Faces of Kaibosh

Volunteers are the driving force behind Kaibosh‘s operations here in Wellington. Kaibosh has 80+ volunteers that each mainly work once a fortnight on food sorting and rescue shifts. These regular volunteers work a collective total of 355 hours a month. Every year they collect and distribute around 123,000 kgs of food to 32 charities, this translates to over 28,500 meals a month for those who need it most in Wellington and the Hutt Valley, as well as a monthly reduction of 7,785kg in greenhouse gas emissions.

Volunteers help with a range of jobs – they could be going out with the paid drivers to pick up food from supermarkets, cafes, shops, and the weekend fruit and vege markets, or they could be sorting food back at Kaibosh HQ. Food sorters work in teams of 3-5 either on a midday or evening shift, sorting through food and then distributing it for the organisations to pick up later on as per their daily requirements.

Some recognition of the people that take time out of their day to help Kaibosh do what they do is needed. Matt and Anoushka are in charge of day-to-day things, assisted by the drivers and the wonderful volunteers. We met with a few of the amazing faces behind Kaibosh and asked them what they love most about the charity!

Kaibosh‘s midday food sorting shift is staffed by volunteers from Active, a local group of young people with intellectual disabilities. They‘ve been involved since this shift started over a year ago and are a key part of the Kaibosh team. On the day of our visit, Julie and Michael were assisting the amazing Active volunteers.


Kaibosh are lucky enough to have an incredible amount of volunteers, yet sometimes they need more, learn more at http://www.kaibosh.org.nz/help-us/volunteers. Thanks for the support!