Empty Bowls 2015

What’s in every home, used everyday, and has the potential to raise some serious funds for a super awesome Wellington charity? Bowls. Yes that’s right, bowls. Soup bowls, pudding bowls, maybe even bowls for haircuts – The Wellington Potters Association have put clay to kiln in order to raise some funds for our partner charity DCM with their project Empty Bowls 2015.

A target of 850 handcrafted bowls was set by the Wellington potters to symbolise the number of people going through DCM each year. These bowls are to be sold at local cafés and at the popular supermarket Moore Wilson's. "For $20 people will get a beautiful bowl. It's a token to always remind them they are lucky to be able to buy a nice warm bowl of soup,” says organiser Rebecca Flowerday.

Masterchef Rex Morgan from Boulcott St Bistro will launch the bowls at Moore Wilson's on Saturday the 1st of August at 11am, along with a bowl of soup for the punters. Keep your eyes peeled for this wonderful example of creative philanthropy in a café near you.

Images by Digital Ninja