Cut Collective Interview

The Cut Collective is a powerful example of creative collaboration in action. The Cut Collective comprises four central artists, Enforce1, TrustMe, Ithink and Component but is essentially a living, breathing collective of artists who believe in teaching others and establishing dialogue in a community. They have been involved in many different gallery exhibitions, public murals, commercial design and illustration and apparel. We talked to TrustMe about their work and what they believe in.


What’s rockin’ in the world of Cut Collective right now?

This year is all about making art, having shows, balancing the need for paid work against doing what we love and trying to contribute something more meaningful than another ad campaign! 


How have business and technology influenced your creative model?

We always try to keep our work accessible to a broad reaching public. Innovations in technology, especially in the form of social media and portable devices mean that we can upload and document images and blog on a regular basis. This is a great way of keeping in touch with our community and helping people see the creative process in real time. We have seen the benefit in live blogging our documentation as we go through stand-alone Tumblr blogs. It means we aren't faced with a million images at the end of a project to process and people can see in real time how we progress through our projects. It's quite a transparent and revealing approach.


What place does generosity have in the world of art?

Generosity comes in many forms. Art, especially well thought out street art and graffiti, has the ability to enhance our everyday environment and the generosity of spirit from artists willing to do it is always admired by us. It's funny how people always ask artists to contribute towards good causes when artists are always struggling and in need of fundraisers themselves. Is it because we are typically more generous types or the fact that people feel our output has more value than say that of a banker?


Which individual do you think has created the biggest positive social change in this world?

Bono. Just kidding. I'm pretty sure none of us know about them as the biggest philanthropists, be it in money or time and energy, are always anonymous right? 


Describe the world the way you want future generations of children to inherit it.



Who is someone you guys would love to collaborate with?

Someone with resources, passion, yet an ability to trust in what we do. Basically someone to underwrite our fantasy projects without question. If you know someone who fits the bill please pass on our details. 


Tell us three things that inspire you.

  • Local creatives grinding outside of the established channels because stubborness is a virtue.
  • Community spirit that values our immediate environment geographically, economically and culturally because if it's not about the people you live, play, work and fight with who is it about? 
  • @Peace playing the sunset slot at Splore 2012 with Esther Stephens tearing it up. That shit was just magic.

Are you keen to join the Cut Collective in the giving evolution? Click here to get involved.